War Play

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"We have to find out where Lockwitch is and kill him." Stella said leaning her hands on the table of the war chamber.

"Even if we do kill him, we still have to completely dismantle his inner circle and the entire Nadef power structure or someone else just as bad is going to replace him." Carson speaks up from her spot beside Valora.

Their was a murmured buzzing as the gathered group discussed how to bring down the Nadef. Their had been several more attacks on both sides since the first incident at the airport. For every one of us they killed we made sure to kill two more. The problem was when we did kill a group of them our men and women came back often injured and tiered. Their numbers were significantly higher than our own.

Turning to the large Russian to my side, "Nicolai do have any idea where they might be? If their even in the city at all." I ask interrupting everyone's discussion and effectively quieting them.

"They're in the city. Lockwitch likes to be close by to the main action. Wants to be the main part of the show." He assures me, "I have an idea where they might have set up a location to operate from." Turning to my mom she hands him a large folded paper. Taking it he unfolds it and lays it out flat on the table to reveal a large map of the city. Their are several places marked on the map, escape routs, traps, sightings and places were patrols have scuffled, but one place was circled with a red sharpie. Looking at it I see a label indicating a large building.

"Terra Toys?" I say confused as I read the label. Terra Toys was the number one toy making company in the world. They had branches in every country, America, Britan, China, Japan, Brazil, Russia, Canada, France, everywhere. Looking up at the Russian, "Why do you have Terra Toys' corporate building circled?" I asked.

"Because that company was founded and is run by the Nadef." He answers, "It's been used as a front to get money for years. It also allows them to move large amounts of weaponry in the disguise of toys." He explains.

"Son of a bitch." I hear Valora swear under her breath. I take a quick glance at her before returning my gaze to the large man.

"And you think their hiding behind it now?" I ask crossing my arms under my chest as I lean my weight onto my hip.

"It's the only place they can hide with this large of a number. They're their and they're waiting." He says with a determined set to his jaw.

"Very well then lets see what we can find on the place maps, building schematics, shipping manifest anything to do with that building I want it." I say to the gathered group.

"Wait couldn't that guy Carson and Valora caught give us an idea about the place?" Mia speaks up.

"Do you think you can get him to talk?" I ask her.

"I can." Carson speaks up from beside me, "I've known that arse for years, I know how he thinks and when he's lying." She reasons.

"Alright then Carson's getting the squeaky toy, Valora make sure she doesn't kill him." I say turning to the Latina. "Is that it?" Everyone nods in agreement, "Then let's go."

A murmur rises as they start to exit the room. Letting out a sigh I run my hand through my hair. "DeLacy, what's that?" I hear my mom say from her spot at the table.

'Oh shit!' I quickly pull my hair back down over my ear to hide the two golden rings. "What's, what?" I ask innocently. Careful not to move too fast I start making my way to the door.

"On your ear, what was that?" She says again knowing full well what it was. But I sure as hell wasn't going to admit to it.

"Is their something on my ear?" I question reaching up to touch the left one, without the piercings. By this time I'm almost to the door but Carson's in my way and judging by the smirk barley showing on her face, she knew she was in my way and was exploiting that. 'Bitch, it was her idea to get the damn things anyway. Why does she have to make my life harder by trying to get me in trouble?' I think to myself as she steps in front of me when I try to go around her.

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