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After the house had erupted into utter chaos and Mom had quieted everyone down, 'Don't let her soft exterior fool you, that woman could strike fear into Set himself if she wanted to.' We all sat and questioned the hunter...my sister I guess I should say. After we retied her hands of course.

"What are you doing here?" Mr. Tenbrook ask.

"I thought that was pretty obvious." She dead pans.

"What do you want with us?" Stella ask next.

"It's not you we want." She corrects then looks between Valora and I.

"Where did you come from?" Eric ask.

"No where." She fires back immediately.

"Why do you want DeLacy and Valora?" Mrs. Tenbrook ask after him.

"If you don't know that by now, I'm not inclined to tell you." She rebukes.

"When did you get here?" Mom ask next.

"Not important." Was her response.

"What's your name?" Valora ask after her.

"Irrelevant." She dodges.

"Nice to meet you Irrelevant. Can't say I've ever heard anyone with that name." Valora shoots back in a faux cheery voice.

'Irrelevant' ignores her and looks at me. I look back evenly when she speaks, "Are you not going to ask me a question now?" she ask meeting my gaze.

I didn't speak for a long moment. I just sat there staring into her eyes running over the same question that had been racing through my mind from the moment she had pulled that gun in the classroom. "How did you find us?"

She didn't answer right away but she didn't immediately rebuke the question either.

After what felt like hours, but was likely only a few moments, of complete silence she spoke, "There were reports of strange animal attacks like a bear being ripped apart but not eaten or a mountain lion being clawed to death by something with five claws again not eaten. Then we heard about an attack at a school on a person. We knew it was in this area and we've been combing the schools looking for......well...you." She answers.

'Shit!' I mentally scream at myself for being so careless. I knew I was responsible for the bear and Luke, I didn't remember a mountain lion though. Quickly sweeping my eyes around the room to catch the reaction of the others, I see Valora with an angry expression that seemed pointed more at herself than anyone else. 'Well there's one mister solved.'

Valora speaks up then, dragging me from my thoughts, "Alright, so that means not all of you are here yet. So we have time to pack some and leave before they can get here." she says looking around at the others gathered around.

"And how do we know she's not goin' to try something?" Stella makes a point.

We all look over to her expecting her to be looking back but instead she's looking at something small, black, and furry snuggled into her lap. Ra'za.

The girl looked up at me with a raised brow, "I think your cat likes me." she points out the rather obvious.

Ra'za in return just purrs in content. "Why does that damn cat seem to like everyone but me?" I hear Stella mutter under her breath, clearly not intending for us to hear her.

The girl now looking back at the cat responds, "Well I'm no expert but it might have something to do with the fact your a giant dog." she looks up at the last part as she stresses 'dog'.

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