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Don't freak out, it's me! (lesbian) by WriteMyHeartForYou
Don't freak out, it's me! (lesbian)by Aileen
[ENGLISH] Publish date: March 11 2017 (On going) Mars and Nike are best friends since diapers, they are inseparable and treated each other like sister's from another mot...
  • tease
  • lesbian
  • gxg
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SHIP EDITS ✰ COMPLETEDby b l o o m ♡
to make our fantasies come true ✨
  • boyboy
  • girlgirl
  • edits
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Drunken Messages- CAMREN by _beaftjauregui_5H_
Drunken Messages- CAMRENby Natasha
Lauren gets a little to drunk and she randomly texts a stranger who seems to be Camila. Will they become friends or not?
  • camren
  • lesbian
  • camilacabello
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hostage » b eilish by hollywxxdfxrever
hostage » b eilishby m⋆lly!
"it's not like me to be so mean, you're all I wanted." Billie Eilish, a member of an elite Los Angeles gang operation, kidnaps a young girl named (Y/N). "...
  • lesbian
  • eilish
  • song
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[Shortfic] In The Eyes [HaJung] by AnitaRuan
[Shortfic] In The Eyes [HaJung]by DANA
Làm thế nào một ánh nhìn có thể thay đổi cuộc đời bạn ... Làm thế nào một ánh nhìn có thể xoa dịu mọi nỗi đau ... Làm thế nào một ánh nhìn lại có thể lột trần mọi cung b...
  • junghwa
  • hyojin
  • hani
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Celestial knight- Luza one shots- Lesbian one shots by demonshadow1999
Celestial knight- Luza one Wolfie
Lucy has always admired Erza from a far and who wouldn't. Erza was beautiful, strong, sexy and brave. Lucy wanted to be like her but she was in her eyes too weak. Here's...
  • anime
  • fairytail
  • girlgirl
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hidden ➵ camren (sequel to defiance) by seasidecamila
hidden ➵ camren (sequel to ♡
Imagine this. You live in a world were you have an eye color of your own and one from the color of your soulmates. Sounds simple, right? Not when everything gets complic...
  • camilacabello
  • dinahjanehansen
  • girlxgirl
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Jennie Kim × Fem! Reader One-Shot  by jennielisajenlisa
Jennie Kim × Fem! Reader One-Shot by ❤假爱❤
"Y/N. Come here." Jennie demanded. As if in a trance, I couldn't do anything else but to nod. (Fiction, AU)
  • lisa
  • girl
  • jennie
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The Nerd In Disguise (lesbian) by WriteMyHeartForYou
The Nerd In Disguise (lesbian)by Aileen
[ENGLISH] HIGHEST RANKING| ROMANCE #67 03-28-18 Publish date: August 7, 2017 (On going) Elizabeth Andersen didn't know what kind of hell awaits her the moment she set he...
  • innocent
  • cheerleader
  • humor
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The Wolf Queen (Lesbian) by Darkest_Dream
The Wolf Queen (Lesbian)by Darkest_Dream
Marian's interest in the mysterious girl has existed since she was but a child, but who IS this person?
  • gay
  • gg
  • girlgirl
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Bechloe  by DeannaOKeeffe
Bechloe by Dee
Beca and Chloe fan fiction. Pitch perfect fan fiction. Set in Australia rather than the US. I don't own any characters or songs mentioned in this story.
  • behole
  • becamitchell
  • pitchperfect
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Girls by ___NiQ
Girlsby Myaa Russell ✨
  • niq
  • stud
  • lgbt
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short love and happiness stories by chey_fanfic
short love and happiness storiesby chey♡´・ᴗ・`♡
These short stories are just little cute stories that I may have gotten inspiration from in real life...
  • love
  • shortstory
  • friends
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>Insert Catchy story name here< by thistlewolfcraft
>Insert Catchy story name here<by thistlewolfcraft
(Warning, this fic will have some adult themes in the future and some swearing •u•)
  • highschoolau
  • peridotlapis
  • lapisxperidot
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Better in Stereo by SSAMelissaJoJareau
Better in Stereoby Melissa Jo Stamp
Maddison Rooney has been away from her twin sister Olivia for 4 years, while she's been gone Maddie has been playing with her two younger brothers Joey and Parker. As sh...
  • teen
  • girlgirl
  • twinscest
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Of course | joyri by softyoongi_
Of course | joyriby softyoongi
Yeri is just a shy,awkward,and clumsy girl. Nothing new. But once joy came... she was the same tbh.
  • gxg
  • joy
  • redvelvet
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strange love (halsey) by writingrauhl
strange love (halsey)by writingrauhl
They say you can't help who you fall in love with. For Ms. Frangipane, a high school art teacher, this love comes along with a new student, Isabella Hadid. Will their s...
  • teacher
  • girlxgirl
  • fanfiction
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She Is Out Of This World by -division-
She Is Out Of This Worldby ♡ .luna. ♡
*NOT EDITED* B A S E D ON A T R U E S T O R Y I'm out of my mind and she's out of this world +++ The thoughts of a girl slowly breaking down
  • selfhate
  • highschool
  • girlgirl
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A love story by Embracethedarkness25
A love storyby scarlet
Riley Taylor is severly bullied because of her stutter. She gets pushed, called names, kicked, punched and gets her books thrown out of her hands. Riley has a BIG secret...
  • bullies
  • girlgirl
  • love
My Lesbian Fantasy  by xxx_Dynomite
My Lesbian Fantasy by xxx_Dynomite
Brianna is a lightskin girl who meets a darkskin girl named Ashley who is almost 2 years older than her and is now questioning her sexuality
  • girl
  • gay
  • lesbian
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