Bad comany

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'Valora's eyes'

After Ms. Massai had finished her story she went outside babbling something about a colt.

I was still seated on the floor between DeLacy and the coffee table nursing the glass of water Señora Dog Breath got me. I still didn't like her and I definitely didn't trust her. No matter how much DeLacy assured me she wasn't as bad as she used to be. 'I'll be damned if I let any of these mutts try anything to separate me from DeLacy. It took me eleven years to find another Anu.' Giving a small huff I think to myself, 'I didn't just find another Anu. I found a damn mega. We had thought all of them were gone........guess not.' My fingers played with the small golden ring on my right hand, it had one small blue gem with one red and one white gem to either side of it.

I'm broken from my thoughts by some pots banging in the kitchen. Looking over I see Stella moving things around like she's about to cook something. Macaroni judging by the two Kraft boxes on the bar. I wasn't really meaning to but anytime I looked in her general direction my expression alway furrowed into a glare.

A tap to my hands draws my attention to the girl sitting next to me. I spare her a glance to show that I'm listening but my gaze quickly turns back to the lycan in the kitchen. "She's not even doing anything. Why are you still trying to kill her with your eyes?" DeLacy asks, with a slight chuckle in her voice.

Without hesitation I fire off a sarcastic reply. "I'm hoping if I stare at her head long enough it'll explode with confetti like a giant piñata." I whisper back.

At this DeLacy makes a choked laughing sound in her throat. I look up at her and see her trying to breath and not laugh at the same time. She was miserably failing at both.

"You alright there?" I laughed at the other girl. She glared at me as she fought to get her breathing under control. Chuckling at her efforts to look angry while choking on air I reach over and grab the glass of water I'd been sipping on and hand it to her.

She took it from my hands the moment I offered and started downing its contents in an effort to choke down the coughing fit. Out of the corner of my eye I see Stella dumping a glass of water out and returning the cup to the cabinet. I noted the tidbit of information giving the girl a tally for it.

Turning my focus back on DeLacy. "¿Estás bien, amiga?" I ask to make sure she was alright.

"Yeah, I'm fine." She gives another small cough before settling back down in her seat with the cat and my drink.

"So you know Spanish." I hear the guy that had been sitting on the couch speak up.

Turning around to look at him I find that his eyes are already trained on me. It gave me a feeling of a coyote watching a rabbit and I didn't like it. Flicking my eyes over his hunched form that looked a little too ready to pounce, I pressed my back to the recliner behind me and drew my legs to my chest so that I could spring up if needed. "Sí." I answer not daring to break eye contact. "I'm originally from Puerto Rico, grew up there till I was nine. Got adopted when I was ten, moved here and this is where I've stayed." I offered him the short version of my life so he wouldn't feel the need to dig and hopefully he'd take the olive branch for what it was.

His eyes never softened as he glared at me.

"Wait a minute." Stella's voice spoke up from the kitchen. I barely turn my head, making sure to keep the barely restrained attack dog in my sight. The other girl steps into my field of vision before she begins talking again. "That would make you nineteen. Because you you started school here at the end of third grade." She points out with a frown evident on her face.

Flicking my eyes over to meet pale blue ones glaring down at me. "Yeah I got caught-" I scowled as I tried to think of the word I was looking for.

Letting out an irritated growl I look to DeLacy for help. "¿Extraño?" I asked searching for the English word.

She frowns in confusion for a moment before realizing what I wanted. "Oh! Weird." She supplies the word.

"Weird! That's it! I don't know why I blanked on that word." I ramble to myself before getting back on subject. "I got caught weird in the system and it resulted in me missing a year of school so it held me back." I finally answer.

Stella's brow shot up at miss hap in translation. 'Give me a break, English is too jodidamente complicated.'

Stella seemed to hesitate for a moment before making her mind up about something. "Do you want some macaroni? It's about the only thing I know how to cook so take it or leave it." She offers.

My heart stopped for a moment in sheer shock at the offer. Furrowing my brow I studied the other girl for any signs of aggression. The only ones I found were of annoyance when I didn't answer.

"If I can eat Mr. Cross's cooking I can eat anyone's." I finally reply. Heaving myself up off the floor I look over my shoulder at DeLacy to see her giving the two of us a wide grin. "What?" I asked prompting her to join the conversation instead of sitting there grinning at us like we were five year olds on the playground.

She jumps a little as quickly dumps the cat on the floor, to her displeasure, and half vaults over the chair to get out because I was still standing her way. "Nothing. I'll make some sausage." She calls over her shoulder before either of us can say a word.

Turning my befuddled gaze to Stella I point after the other girl in silent question.

The lycan gives me a withering stare. "I've stopped questioning her excitement when it comes to food." She says before turning and following the mega into the kitchen, leaving me just confused as I was before hand.

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