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"London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down!
London bridge is falling down, my fair lady!"

'I hate kids. I hate kids. I hate kids.' I repeated like a mantra in my head. I was currently in the pack daycare's playground watching over the noisy little monsters.

Stupidly I risked uncovering my ears and looking around to make sure none of them were tearing up stuff in their wolf forms or on the ground dead. Then I noticed a five year old boy running up to me as I sat on the ground watching the chaos laid out before me. He stops right next to me for a split second before letting out an ear piercing scream then dashing off again.

Clamping my hands back over my ears, I grit my teeth glaring into the retreating back of the five year old. 'By the gods if I would have known this would be my punishment for not telling anyone about finding a mate; I'd have told them the absolute millisecond I found-out.' I reprimanded myself for my stupidity. But I didn't and now I was paying the price for it.

The person who usually watches the little demons was given the day off so I had to stay here all day taking care of the little brats by myself. And of course it was on a Saturday no less. Which is when most of the mated couples and parents went on their dates away from screaming children.'Hey lets all leave our kids with an inexperienced teenager who doesn't know the first thing about taking care of little angry people on a constant suger high, that sounds like a great idea! Yaaa-no.' I grumble to myself. My voice sounded bitter, even in my head.

Huffing I pulled myself to my feet. "Okay, hey everybody, listen." I say loudly trying to get their attention. "Hey listen up!" I yell, not one of them even glances at me. "Hey! Pay attention!" I try again.

"Having trouble?" I hear a smirking voice behind me. I look over my shoulder to see Lily walking up from the sliding glass doors leading into the building. She's my only true friend and she's also my cousin.

"No, no. I have it all under control." I reply sarcastically rolling my eyes as I turn back to the chaos in front of me.

"Oh, okay then I'll just leave you to your controlled children." She says while turning to walk away.

"Wait." I whine after her.

I didn't have to turn around to know she had a smug look on her face. "Yes?"

Turning back around, I take the few steps between us to close the distance. "Don't leave me alone with these things." I all but plead.

"I don't know." She contemplates dramatically. "Maybe if you said please." She said with a sickeningly sweet voice.

"No." I deadpan, "How can you help anyway? You're worse with kids than I am." I point out knowing what happened the last time she had to watch a neighbor's kids. I still had nightmares about the wreckage those two little monsters left.

"True. And lose the 'tud before I take your help back home." 'What help? Because from my perspective, or anyone's for that matter, she is being absolutely no help what so ever!' Then I catch movement behind her and what I see fills me with joy and relief.

"DeLacy what are doing hear?" I ask, shocked.

Lily spoke for her instead. "I thought you might need help and since at least one person out of a mated pair should be good with children, and that's not you, obviously, I went and got Lacy instead." She answers smugly.

I send her my hardest glare but the one DeLacy sends her would scare the hide off a great white shark. " It's DeLacy, not Lacy!" She grinds out in an irritated voice. Needless to say she hates it when people call her anything but DeLacy. Eric called her Lacy one time and let's just say he was digging out splinters from places I don't even want to think about for the next week. 'In her defense she did warn him the day before for calling her De.'

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