Love and Comfort

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I was walking to Eric's and I's room in a bit of daze, only half paying attention to where I was going, the threat of the Nadef and the impending battle taking presidency in my mind. I knew how much this was weighing on DeLacy and I wanted more than anything to ease her mind.

Before I know it I was outside my room. Not thinking twice I walk in without knocking. As I enter the room I freeze because right their on Eric's bed was him and Mia in a more horizontal than vertical position. They were fully clothed thank the gods.

"Whoa!" I shout throwing my hands up to shield my eyes.

"Stella!" I hear Eric shout, "What are you doing in here?" He questions.

Not daring to take my hands down, "'s my room to." I state in a 'duh' tone. Before he can respond I spin around and slam the door shut behind me praying to every deity I could think of that I never have to see that again.

Not really having a destination my feet seem to start taking me in the direction of DeLacy's room. Trying to erase that image from my mind.

As I walk down the hallways I pass by several people with swords and some with guns and other forms of weaponry. Taking them, from one place to another.

Coming up to DeLacy's door I make sure to knock this time. "Come in." I hear a tiered voice call from inside. Poking my head in I spot DeLacy sitting on the bed with her feet crossed leaning against the headboard.

"Hey." I greet as I step into the room closing the door behind me. "You okay? Ya look tiered." I say as I take a seat on the edge of the bed by her knee. Ra'za was in her lap purring when she looked up at me. She looked just as tiered as her owner, as if she knew what was coming.

"Hey kitty-cat." I say reaching out to scratch behind the black cats ears. Instead of hissing at me like I had expected she pushes her head into my hand and purrs contentedly.

I hear DeLacy chuckle with a soft smile on her face as she looks at my hand petting the ornery cat. "Looks like she likes you. Funny, I've never seen her like someone she decided she hated." She musses out loud looking at the cat, "The spiteful demon she is." She mutters under her breath.

This elicits a hiss out of said demon-cat and a laugh from me. DeLacy starts to shift and picks the fuzz ball up off her lap and sets her down on the ground.

"So are you okay?" I repeat my question from earlier as she leans back against the headboard.

Letting out a sigh, "I've been better. But I could be a lot worse." She answers dejectedly. "I haven't been able to sleep for the past few days." She admits.

Shifting I move so my side is now pressed against DeLacy's. She leans her head on my shoulder with a sigh. As she nestles into my neck I feel something cold brush my skin. Pulling back from her she lifts her head to look at me in confusion.

Reaching up I brush her blue highlighted hair behind her ear to see two small solid gold rings in the top of her ear. Running my index finger over the cool metal, "When did you get these?" I question studying the new jewelry.

"Two days ago." She answers looking down with a slight blush.

A smile dances across my lips at her sudden shyness. Going off instinct I lean forward and grab one of the small rings between my teeth and give a gentle tug.

This causes her to gasp as she looks up at me in shock. I meet her gaze and lean forward brushing my lips against hers. Just when she starts to lean in and our lips almost connect I pull back teasingly. She sighs her dissatisfaction before I lean in again, pulling back just before our lips meet teasing her farther. This time she chases me and closes the distance between us. I can feel the satisfied smile spread across her lips as we kiss. A searing heat spreading through my body at her touch.

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