Dream walk

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After DeLacy had stopped screaming she passed out. I tried to follow the people who had quickly taken her to the infirmary but the big brut that brought us here wouldn't let me. He said I would just get in the way and it would be better if I let them examen her properly.

So here I was sitting outside the infirmary in the middle of a dark hallway cursing that man and everyone in there for keeping me locked away from my DeLacy.

Light footfalls coming down the corridor drag me from my thoughts. Looking up I see Valora padding toward me on bare feet.

"She okay?" The Latina ask, stopping in front of me.

"I don't know, they haven't told me anything." I answer rubbing the weariness from my eyes.

Sitting down next to me the darker girl pulls her legs to her chest locking her arms together under her knees as she rest her head upon them.

"Is there a reason your sitting here?" I ask, but there is no bite behind my words. I wanted the company, and I really didn't mind the other girl all that much. She at least would talk to me like an equal unlike most others I've met. 'Ha-, go figure. The only other person to treat me like that is DeLacy and this girl is the reason we're not talking in the first place. Then again she would likely be the reason we start talking again, if we start talking again.' I correct.

"A moment of patience in a moment of anger saves you a hundred moments of regret." She says back like I'm supposed to know what that means.

Letting out an aggravated huff, "Would ya stop talking in riddles?!" I demand more then ask.

"Only the one who sees through fog can see where it ends." She shoots back. 'I think she talks like that on purpose b'cause she knows it ticks me off.'

Sighing in defeat, "Alright Yoda what's your grand advice?" I ask sarcastically rolling my eyes.

"Your bond's almost gone." She says.

"Well aren't you the perceptive one?" I shoot back.

"More than you." She fires back without a moments hesitation, "Now shut up and let me talk."

Closing my mouth I reluctantly listen to the other girl. "Now I thought you two had apologized to one another." She says looking at me.

"She did." I answer shrugging my shoulders.

"But you didn't?"

"No?" I ask more then state.

Her brow raises at this, "And you didn't because..." She ask me like I'm an incompetent child.

"I didn't do anything wrong!" I snap back. "I mean...yeah I may have fought with her but that doesn't mean I was wrong." I try to defend myself.

"Stella." She warns in a stern voice, "You need to see past yourself if you don't want to lose her. She needs to know you care for who she is, not because of some lycan sense. If you want to keep her. Recognize your own flaws and learn hers. And apologize!" she gets up emphasizing the word apologize.

"I don't know how. I'm not good with words." I say angry at myself for being so stupid.

Turning to face me, "Actions are far louder than any words I know." she says before turning around and walking off.

I was on the laying on something cold and my ears were ringing with the faint echo of someone screaming bloody-murder. My body feels like it heaves upward and my stomach starts to churn with panic.

All I can feel is pain and the nauseating sense of moving forward while crashing into things. The net thing I'm aware of is something strong like a wall then something cold all around me and pain in my feet and legs. All at once there's a sharp pain in my eyes and ringing in my ears a moment before the entire side of my body explodes with pain.


Shooting up right I start gasping for air and clutching my throat and chest fighting for a breath.

My eyes started to come into focus as the blurry figures around me started to become people and objects.

Looking at the faces of each person, I couldn't recognize any of them. My fear quickly turns to terror and my breathing becomes sharp and shallow until I'm hyperventilating.

My vision starts to blur again and the sounds around me become distorted. The muggy sound of shouting draws my attention to the door. Looking up I see Stella trying to force her way though the door but being forced back out by several of the people in the room.

Her teeth began to elongate and her nails looked like they were melting into the beginnings of claws as she snapped at the people trying to push her back. Dodging under their arms Stella all but sprints to my side. Gripping my hand in an almost painful grip her eyes are wild with worry.

Gently squeezing her hand in return I lay my head back down and focus on taking deep slow breaths. I closed my eyes in the safety of her presence as I shutter with the memory of the dream. 'That wasn't a dream.' I think to myself. 'That wasn't a dream.'

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