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Just a game

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After school Valora and I went back to my house, but Stella had to stay for some school meeting, or maybe it was a pack meeting. She told me but I wasn't really paying attention. It was her fault for trying to talk to me while I was reading.

Either way it felt better not having her in the vicinity. Having her around had put me on edge all day making me nearly lose my patience more than once. It didn't help that the entire school was in an uproar about what happened to Luke the day before. Falling into bed and ignoring the rest of the world sounded like a fantastic idea at the moment.

Valora doesn't comment on my silence, simply following me inside and flops down across the length of the couch, waiting patiently for me to talk when I'm ready or to just be there as silent compony if I don't.

Walking over to the couch I pick her feet up and sit with them in my lap. With a shallow sigh I start playing with the tattered shoelaces of her worn-out black and white Converse.

We sat there in silence for several long moments before the other girl started to quietly sing the them song to Jeopardy. "Do--do-do-dodo-do--do-do-dodo-do--dodododododo...."

Laughing quietly at her antics I squeeze her foot. "Ever heard the saying 'silence is golden'?" I tease looking up at her with a small smile tugging at the corners of my lips.

She meets my gaze with a raised brow. "Yeah, and duck tape is silver."

I was a bit startled at the laughed that broke free without warning. Valora laughed with me, or maybe at me, for a brief moment before we both settled back down. Returning my attention to her shoelaces I start picking at the frayed tip of one that had lost the plastic piece.

Several minutes pass in blissful silence as I tried to focus all of my attention on the shoelace. A certain blonde continued to pop up in my minds eye, effectively irking me to no end. I chuckled to myself humorlessly at a fleeting thought. I had actually begun to enjoy her company.

Spending your whole life only being able to talk to one person was lonely, having Stella around and actually treating me like a person instead of a walking eyesore for change had been nice. I'd dare say it was happy even. Guess that's why it hurt when she reverted back to sharp words and a wicked strike at my weak spots. I had to give the girl credit where credit was due, she was brutally efficient and uncannily skilled at finding people's weak spots and even more so at learning how best to hit them. I'd seen her do it a dozen or more times over the years.

A brief smile ghost my lips as the memory of watching her trip over her own feet when Ra'za hissed while swiping at her toes from under the couch flashes through my mind. 'Maybe that's why I started to like her.' I muse dejectedly.

I was broken from my thoughts as Valora threw her feet sideways. "Alright, that's it!"She exclaims, suddenly standing up and whirling around on me. "Come on." She practically orders, holding out her hand to help me up.

I stared at her hand for a long moment before flicking my gaze up to give her a quizzical look. "You're gloomy and it's making me depressed. So we're gonna turn that frown upside down." she says, her Hispanic accent shining through a bit more strongly.

Taking her hand she pulls me to my feet and starts shoving me to the stairs. "Go get changed. Now." She orders with another shove. "And take bath or something!" She calls out as start making my way up the stairs.

Laughing at the other girl I shake my head at her and hook a left to head for the bathroom. A shower actually wasn't a bad idea.


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