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"How'd you say you got this again?" Eric ask, sending DeLacy a skeptical glance. The ever paranoid nimrod he is.

"I didn't." DeLacy shoots back giving him a warning glare to back off.

Grudgingly, he lets the subject drop. DeLacy glances at Carson before continuing. "Like I was saying, Nicolai, Carson, and I have been looking over this and we believe we've found a way in to the building and to the locations Lockwitch and his men would most likely be." She explains, motioning for Carson to continue where she left off.

"Their's a security entrance at the loading ramps." She says pointing to something on the blueprints. "We've had patrols scouting the area and this is are best chance of getting into the building unnoticed. If we can create a diversion at the front of the building and another from the top or the side, we can slip in before Lockwitch figures out its a ruse while also keeping the grunts tied up fighting." Carson explains while indicating locations and paths on the map.

Then Nicolai picks up, "Lockwitch will be trying to put his men in a fighting order so he will need to be able to communicate with his men and monitor the fighting at the same time. He will need to be in one of these three places to do that." He says leaning over the map to point to the first place. "Here is the main security room. It's full of monitors linked to every camera in the building. It's not likely he is their but we need to take control of that room anyway."

"It will be guarded by Roveski no doubt." He continues tossing a picture of a bleach blond woman with a ponytail and hard expression. "She is Lockwitch' top assassin and part of his inner circle. And a major bitch that won't die easy." He spits crossing his arms in resentment.

"The next and most likely location he is to be in is here." Nicolai continues pointing to a room in the center of the skyscraper. "This is the communications room. It has access to all security feeds and communication links to his men. It is going to be heavily guarded and most of the circle will be in their, but it's our best shot at them." Falling silent he recrosses his arms and looks to Carson expectantly.

Turning to the rest of us she begins speaking. "We can't attack them with a small group. They've all been trained to kill Anu from infancy. So in order to-" She's cut off by a huge boom that reverberates around the room and shakes the ground causing dust to fall from the ceiling.

"What the hell was that?!" Valora shouts, stumbling to regain her balance.

Before any of us could say anything the sounds of screaming and gunfire echo down the corridors.

I look around in a moment of confusion before my eyes lock with DeLacy and realization hits me. "They found us." I whisper under my breath, not able to raise my voice any higher. I didn't need to. Everyone in the room froze as this realization hit them as well.

"Dillon!" Valora says, her voice rising in panic. "Oh Gods, Dillon!" She yells as she races out of the room breaking through the door leaving it crumbling behind her as Carson races after her calling her name.

"We have to evacuate now!" DeLacy says gaining the attention of the rooms remaining occupants.

"But this is what we wanted, a fight." One of the men said looking to the others for support.

"No she's right." Bak steps in, "We are not prepared for a battle here." He reasons.

"Then where will we go?" The man fires back leaning his hands on the table.

The sounds of screaming becomes harder to distinguish from the sound of the guns as both become louder to the point of painful to listen to.

"Staying here isn't an option! We leave now!" DeLacy roars slamming a hand into the table with such force it cracks and crumbles.

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