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After the incident with my brother we all had some questions as to what exactly DeLacy was and if she was a danger to us or the pack.

So Stacy sat us down and told us everything. And to say we were shocked would be an understatement.

According to Stacy, DeLacy wasn't a random mutation but some alterer human like race known as the Anu (a-new) a very old race from Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians believed them to be the children of Anubis the god of death and mummification.

I remember asking why DeLacy's eyes were glowing. Stacy said it was a natural way to show others that they're fazing, when their whole eye turns, or are in a highly emotional state ,when their irises glow.

We had asked why she was here if there were others like her. The way Stacy explains it, is that there are three types of Anu.

The Miner, their eyes turn white, they're the weakest, and they make up the vast majority of the Anu population. Their like the omegas.

The Major, their eyes turn red and they lead each tribe which is like a pack. They would be the alphas.

The Megas, were the rarest and most dangerous of all Anu, and they were very hard to kill. Their eyes are blue, they have partially retractable fangs that extend up to one and a half inches when biting, long curved talons that were sheathed within each finger, and they controlled all the others. They are the kings and queens. They can kill trillions and still not fall. They can be speared through the heart and still fight as if nothing happened until they bleed out. The Egyptians believed that when one of these lost control that it was Anubis himself there to take all he wanted to the underworld. What makes a mega so dangerous is that they are completely conscious at all times through the fazing. That didn't mean they could always control their actions, but they knew what they were doing and could make a conscious effort to defend themselves or their followers if needed.

Stacy explained that the Anu fazing is a highly developed flight or fight sense that triggers when they are scared, angry, or trying to control too many emotions at the same time. 'Which would explain what sent DeLacy over the edge was me.' On that note Dad and Eric were none too happy with me. Mom on the other hand was ecstatic I had found a potential mate and that it wasn't someone like Macy, Eric's mate.


Now I was currently in school, and though I never saw DeLacy much before, now she was avoiding me like the plague. Every time I came in the same hallway she would disappear. 'I swear that girl puts Houdini to shame.'

Now though it was fifth period which meant athletics. DeLacy wasn't in athletics because if she sweats too much she would over power that spray and reveal her scent. But unfortunately for her she must have one P.E. credit to graduate, and the P.E. coach is having a baby so the P.E. students have now been joined with the athletics students lucky for me.

Unlucky for her she had to actually spray her skin with the perfume. For that she had my eternal respect and sympathy. To willingly do that to yourself took serious strength.

And unfortunate for everyone the athletics coach is a lycan and my uncle so I can't tell him what to do. Everyone was on the gym floor stretching, the practice/work-out uniforms consisted of a red t-back tank top with black basket ball shorts.

"Hey." A kick to my foot made me look up to see my cousin Lily. "What's up buttercup?" She asked jokingly with a lopsided grin, dropping down to sit next to me.

Smiling back. "Not much runner up." I fire back.

Uncle Ricky was her dad but that didn't mean she got special treatment, quite the opposite actually.

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