Let it Begin

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'Carson's eyes'

I've been staring at the ceiling for Ra knows how long, just lying their staring. I was in Carson's room wrapped up in her arms on her bed, counting the cracks in the ceiling. Not doing anything, my mind so full of new information I couldn't make a coherent thought. I couldn't even make a sound as someone came into the room.

"Vora?" I hear a small voice call from the doorway. Lifting my head I see Dillon standing their halfway through the door hiding his face against the cold stone shyly.

"Hey Dil." I say sitting up more. "Come here." I say holding my arms out for a hug.

He quickly slips through the door and crawls onto the bed into my arms. "Can I sleep in here?" He ask curling up in my lap.

Wrapping my arms around him in a protective hug, "I was about to go back to our room. What's wrong with it?" I ask kissing the top of his head.

"It's too dark." He says looking down at his lap.

Carson moves behind me till she's sitting next to me looking at Dillon, "Your afraid of the dark." She ask in her soft dark voice.

"No!" Dil protest childishly giving away his fear.

Chuckling before speaking again, "My neither." She says then taps his foot to get his attention, "I am however, very afraid of what's in the dark." She keeps her eyes level with his.

Dillon nods his head a bit in agreement, "But you know what?" She says with the beginnings of a smirk lifting her lips.

"What?" Dil ask with blatant curiosity.

Leaning forward she whispers loudly, "I'm afraid of your sista' a lot more." She says.

"Hay!" I shout slightly offended, mostly amused. Dillon burst into a fit of giggles and laughter and Carson has a smile so beautifully genuine I can't help but to smile and stare.

The slight dimple in her left cheek and the way her lip caught between her upper fangs was so undeniably beautiful I couldn't even spare a thought before leaning forward and planting a small kiss on the corner of her mouth.

She gasped and turned to face me. Her eyes, normally a dark green, were a bright turquoise as she looked me dead in the eyes which were no doubt a bright scarlet red.

"Whoa..." I hear Dillon say in awe. Looking over at him his face was full of wonder as he looked at Carson and I's eyes.

I laugh at his blatant fascination while Carson chuckles while saying, "Pretty cool hu?"

He nods with his mouth still open and eyes wide not being able to manage a coherent sentence. Reaching forward putting two fingers under his chin I gently close his mouth. "So you gonna tell me why you think it's going to be brighter in here than our room?" I question leaning back on my hands.

"Ahu!" He says excitedly, "Because her eyes glow in the dark!" He exclaims excitedly bouncing up and down as he points at Carson.

"What?" Carson ask chuckling, a bemused smile gracing her lips.

"When you're with Vora, your eyes glow." He explains like it's the most obvious thing, "The other one does it to. When she's around the wolf girl." He continues. 'DeLacy's eyes glow around Stella?' I mentally ask myself.

"How do you know this?" I ask leaning forward again.

"Cuz I see you with her your eyes glow to." He says as if explaining why one plus one equals two. 'My eyes glow?' The question must be written on my face, "It's like when Mom and Dad look at each other, but y'all's eyes glow. It 'cuz you love each other like Mom and Dad." He states like it were a fact.

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