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War stories

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I was currently leaning on the wall next to the french doors glaring daggers at Valora. DeLacy was siting sideways in the recliner legs dangling over the side, with killer kitty in her lap. While Valora sat on the floor facing me with her back against the chair, feet slid under the wood table between us, returning my glare full force.

As I stood there I couldn't help but notice how pretty the girl was, even if she was an ass. Looking at her I could see numerous similarities between her and DeLacy. The two could pass as cousins if the only looked just a bit more alike.

Both had heart shaped faces, both were well endowed in the curves of their body, both were tall, and had a similar body structure. But Valora was several shades darker, where she was bronze in tone DeLacy looked like carved marble, where Valora's eyes are amber DeLacy's are a bright sapphire that would make anyone melt, and where Valora's hair was a rich dark brown, DeLacy's was hard to tell if it was a deep brown or black.

As I studied the Latina I noticed the red sheen to her eyes. Frowning slightly I look up at DeLacy and see her eyes were glowing a soft blue and it looked like she was muttering something to Valora. Straining my ears I try to hear them but all I got was gibberish. 'Spanish.' I mentally snarled.

Valora turned her head and started prattling something back with serious look on her face.

My eyes darted over to Eric who sat awkwardly on the couch, not liking this new addition any more than I was.

Mom, Dad, and Stacy chose that time to walked back in from the front porch. They had been discussed something about the incident at school. All eyes shot to them as we eagerly awaited the news of what was to come.

A polite smile formed on Stacy's features as she looked from Valora to her daughter. "Who is this?" She asked, her curiosity evident in her tone.

I scoffed lightly in derision with an eye roll so I wasn't look at the brown eyed girl anymore. I didn't care if I was acting childish, the girl punched out my tooth in fourth grade for pointing out that her adopted parents only took her in because they couldn't have kids of their own they probably felt sorry for her. Yes it was mean, but I was nine for Lucia's sake, and that didn't give her the right to punch the daylights out of me.

DeLacy ignored my irritation but Valora shot me a glare before returning her gaze to Stacy. "I'm Valora Z-Cross." She introduced herself, tripping over the last name as if she had wanted to say something else instead.

Valora looks to DeLacy as if asking if it was okay to tell some shared secret. Giving a slight nod in return Valora looks back at Stacy. "I'm the last surviving member of the clan from Puerto Rico, that I know of." She adds.

'Clan? That must be like a pack, so I'm guessing she's- what was it- a major? Yeah that's what it was.'

Once she's spoken Stacy eyes blew wide with a gasp, "You're..." she trails off in shock.

"Yeah" DeLacy answers for the other girl. "She's Anu." She finishes with a small laugh as if she can't believe it herself.

That revelation seemed to shock Eric and my mother but Dad glanced at me with a look, likely noticing the little offsets that I had as well.

"So there are others out there like DeLacy?" Eric pipes-up from the couch.

"Yes." Stacy answers still looking at Valora with joyful eyes, "Yes, though not as many as there once was. There are still a few tribes who cling on in hiding."

"Hiding?" I finally decide to speak up. 'Wait didn't she just say clan? What's a tribe?'

"Yes, it is a long story and a rather sad one." Stacy says solemnly, just that sentence had a shimmer building in her eyes.

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