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'Whoever the bloody hell invented duct tape should have their hearts taken out through their nasal!' I growl venomously to myself, as I pull uselessly against the thickly wrapped restraints.

Those damned Anu locked me in what looked to be a small room that was converted into a home library. Sighing in frustration I fall back onto the shelves behind me, causing my arms to twinge painfully where they met the sturdy wood. Sitting back up I shuffle around until I'm kneeling and bend down to bring my restrained hands up behind my knees.

Sighing in relief now that the pressure on my arms and shoulders had been alleviated I plunked back down. Thanks to the thick wrapping of the tape I couldn't bend my arms wide enough to maneuver my legs through and bring my arms fully in front of me.

I'd have already been free if I could just get my mouth on the tape. My teeth would have been more than sufficient to latch ahold of it and start unwinding the foot of redneck horror wrapped around my wrists.

I had been pulling so hard at these damn restraints I feared I might actually break one of my hands.

Trying not to make too much noise as I wiggle my wrist for any room to maneuver and try to reach down and bite through the tape. Hearing voices downstairs I stop for a moment to listen. I recognized the voice of that bloody wombat who tied me as her voice got louder coming up the stairs.

Seating myself in a more natural position against the bookshelf I focus on the sound of footsteps coming closer to the door. The door opened slowly at first, until she saw I hadn't moved. Pushing the door open the major from earlier steps into the room and walks over to kneel beside me. She doesn't say a word as she pulls my hands out from under my knees to check my restraints.

Her eyes furrowed a bit when she saw my hands. "You're going to end up hurting yourself if you aren't careful." She drawls with that, as much as I hate to admit it, sexy arse accent only she seemed to have.

Furrowing my brow I shoot her a hateful glare. "Like you give a bucket of arseholes." I retort.

"Well aren't we just a little ray of sunshine." She shoots right back. Before I can retort she scoops me up and stands with me in her arms bridle style. With my hands being under my knees the position was a little awkward and very uncomfortable.

I scowled at the side of her head the whole way down the stairs until she placed me on the coffee table facing about six people including her.

"Where's her clothes?" Asks a dark haired boy a year or two older than me by the looks of him.

"Long story." The other young Anu says standing next to the blond lycan from earlier.

"Pretty for a psycho." He mumbles under his breath probably not intending to say that out loud.

Fixing him with a withering glare. "And you look like someone tried to put out a campfire with a screwdriver." I snark back with a raised brow.

The major that had tied me up made a choking sound behind me as did the other mega and the blonde sitting next to her. Both seemed to be struggling not to laugh and I assume the major was having a similar problem from the sound of it.

I kept my expression neutral as the three girls reigned themselves in. The battle against making a face was lost when the guy I'd insulted opened his mouth.

"What's that supposed to mean?!" His tone was indignant with a deep frown set into his features.

I could feel the look of disdain and annoyance on my face as I turned to look at the two older adults which I assumed to be the lycan's parents. "He couldn't tell his ass from a hole in the ground could he?" I question with no small amount of sass.

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