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I was in the shower trying my hardest to get rid of the putrid smell of my disguising elixir. I always make sure to only spray it on my cloths but it always found a way to cling to me. To be quite honest I was amazed I could get through the day without hurling.

Once I'm satisfied that the smell is completely gone I step out of the shower and grab a towel out of the cupboard. Once I'm semi dry I wrap the towel around me and head to my room to get dressed.

Kicking the door shut I toss the towel in the general direction of my hamper between the closet and game room doors. Stepping over to my dresser I rummage around until I find a bra and some tights. I spot a pair of black and neon pink running short stuffed in the drawer and snatch them up before shutting it. The tights were a bit longer than the running shorts but I didn't really care. 'If anyone says anything, fuck 'em.' Going to my closet I shuffled around some more until I found that one black v neck that was a touch too small but was made from one hundred percent real cotton so it was worth wearing.

After I finish getting dressed and brushing my hair out I flop down on my bed in a half spread eagle with one arm draped across my closed eyes.

The strong sent of pine and oak mixed with the smell of horses and cattle was wafting in through the partly open window beside my bed. As I breathe deeper I pickup on the sent of pure sugarcane. I groan softly as the sweet smell relaxes my muscles and the tension drains from my body.

"Now what could possibly elicit a sound like that?" The sudden presence of the smooth teasing voice makes me shoot up into a sitting position. Looking towards the door I see Stella standing there resting her weight against the wooden frame, arms crossed with a playful smirk.

I think about answering her for a moment then decide against it and lay back down to find the smell again.

Shutting my eyes I take another deep breath. I hear Stella huff and the soft padding of her feet on the carpet as she makes her way over to the bed. Keeping my eyes closed I take another deep steady breath. This time the smell was stronger.

'What is it?' I wondered, my brows slightly furrowing in concentration as I try to locate the source of the soothing smell.

The feeling of the bed shifting to my side let me know Stella was there on the bed with me. We sit there in silence listening to the clatter of pots downstairs as someone washed dishes and the sound of the dog barking while the cows moo'd back. The smell was now flooding my senses making it hard to concentrate on anything else. 'Where is it coming from?'

"Are you okay?" I hear Stella ask from beside me. When I don't answer I get a slight poke in the side. "DeLacy." Her voice was stronger now. "Hey!" She says louder snapping her fingers in front of my face. As her fingers pass just above my nose the strong smell of sugarcane hits me. The smell was coming from her.

My eyes snap open and before I can catch myself I grab her wrist before she's able to pull away. With a firm but gentle grip I bring her hand back to my face as I sit upright on the edge of the bed.

Her skin feels oddly warm under mine as the tip of my nose lightly grazes the back of her hand. Taking a deep breath I hold it for a second to be sure then slowly release it through my mouth.

Her hand flinches as the moister from my breath hits her skin. "Hmm." I hummed to myself under my breath. I'd always liked sweet smells but this was damn near ecstasy. "Dannazione hai un buon odore." I basically moaned the words against her hand.

There was clearly audible gasp from the other girl swiftly followed by a sharp spike in the heat her hand was putting off. It was like hold a really warm puppy that had been sleeping by the fire but without the fluff.

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