Supporting Shoulders

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"DeLacy, slow down would ya?" Stella yells practically sprinting after me.

Not slowing down a bit I reach one of the many entrances to the sanctuary. Jogging down the steps of a side street, taking them two at a time, I hop the small presser plate, barley distinguishable from the ground around it.

"You're gonna set off one of these traps if you don't slow down a bit." Stella complains as she continues to sprint after me.

Still not slowing my pace I fly around the corner of a building and down the narrow space between the two buildings. "Gods damn you woman!" I hear the irritated mutter of the lycan chasing me.

Ignoring her complaint I nearly barrel into the crumbling doorframe of the employe entrance to an abandoned underground parking-lot. Dashing into the dark room I'm forced to stop as I'm temporally blinded by the lack of light in the water filled room.

"Oof!" I hear Stella huff as she crashes into my back sending me stumbling forward. Catching myself before I fall into the knee high water, I spin around quickly and grab Stella before she falls. "Thanks for the heads up." She dead pans sarcastically.

"Sorry." I apologize holding her against me as she scrambles to get her feet under her.

Letting her go to stand on her own I look around as my eyes finally start adjusting to the complete darkness of the parking-lot. Wading as quickly as I can, I make my way towards the back of the lot. I hear Stella let out a frustrated sigh as she starts to follow me. I can't help but to chuckle a little at the other girls irritation.

"Shut-up." Stella mutters clearly annoyed, but I could hear the lightness in her tone so I knew she wasn't too upset with me.

Smiling for a moment, it drops as I see the large square hole in the wall where a vent screen once was. Reaching up I grab the bottom of the hole and hall myself up. Throwing my legs over the rim I drop down feet first.

Landing on the ground about seven feet below the hole I step aside for Stella to follow. Landing beside me we look around for a second to take in the dank tunnel carved out long ago by a small stream of water from the flooded lot.

The water was from the nearby delta where the Nile River started to merge with the Mediterranean Sea. The architects had tried to bay the underground water and keep it out of the building, but it found its way in and flooded the building's sub-levels.

Looking at the shallow stream beneath my feet I turn to face the way it's going and start to follow it down the tunnel glancing over my shoulder to see Stella following me. Turning back to the front I let my mind wonder to the woman and the bag stuffed in my pocket.


It took us a few minutes to make it back to the sanctuary. Shaking off some of the water from my feet I start making my way through the labyrinth of hallways leaving a trail of wet foot steps behind me.

Coming to the room we were keeping the Nadef hunter in I quickly reach for the door only to be stopped by one of the guards, "They're not in their."

Looking to the woman with a confused expression she quickly elaborates, "She said she was taking him to the worst kind of torture he could go through." Her voice wavered a bit, no doubt thinking of what kind of torture that could be.

Coming up behind me Stella ask, "Do you know which way they went?" In response the woman points down the hall behind us.

"Thanks." I say quickly before turning and all but sprint down the indicated hall.

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