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I had been running for what seemed like hours and, judging by how dark the sky was it had been. I was slightly winded but I should have passed out long ago...if I were human.

Finally I come to a stop in an abandoned park. Covering my face with both hands, I suck in as much air as I can through my palms. Dragging my hands up to run through my hair I grip at the dark tresses and feel something sharp dig into my scalp.

Pulling my hands away from my hair, inch long black talons appear before me. They were longer than the ones before when I had attacked the blue eyed girl. 'Could she really be.... NO!'

Shaking my head to be rid of the thought I start walking through the abandoned park as the last rays of sunlight slid over the edge of the horizon and out of view until morning.

'How could they have hid something this big for so long? Why would they?' I can't refute evidence coming out of my own bloody hands.

I bit the corner of my lip out of habit, "Ow!" I mutter sharply under my breath. 'What the hell?!' Bringing my hand to my lip I pull back at the warm sticky feel to see my fingers stained with blood.

Running my tongue across my teeth I feel two obscenely sharp teeth where my canine and first molar were. Checking the bottom I find the same thing, my canines had sharpened to a fine point and my first top molars have slightly elongated and sharpened. It wasn't enough for someone else to notice but I knew what my mouth should feel like and this wasn't it.

Stumbling along the park path I mindlessly walk until I hit the other end of the park and see a street lined with buildings. 'Where in the hell am I?'

Walking to what looks to be a boutique I clumsily open the glass door causing a bell to chime announcing my presence.

"Hey. Sorry we're closed." Someone calls from deeper within the store. A red haired woman appears from between the racks. She glances at me at first but quickly does a double take. Now fully looking at me she can see the dirt and grim covering my legs and feet and the now tattered sweater with blood stains decorating the sleeves and the painted paths it left behind on my hands.

Hugging myself, I begin to tremble and in a wavering voice, "C-c--can I u-se yo-our ph-ph-phone pl-ease ?" I ask, my expression one of distress and fear. Both of which I wish I were faking along with the trembling and stutter.

"Of course you can honey." She says motioning for me to walk beside her. She doesn't put her hand on me, out of fear of scaring me I'm sure.

She leads me to a restroom, "Here's my phone and I'll be right outside if you need me." she says handing me her iPhone.

"Th-anks." I say through chattering teeth, carful not to cut myself again. She nods and walks to the check-out counter as I enter the restroom.

As the door closes cutting me off from sight I stop trembling and open the phone. 'Who the hell doesn't put a lock on their phone? Bloody idiots.'

I dial a number I know by heart. It rings three times before someone picks up.

"Hello?" A gruff voice comes over the line, his Russian accent coming through strong and thick.

"Nik?" I say into the phone.

"Carson?! Is that you?" The Russian man ask.

"Yeah, it's me. Hey listen I need you to come get me." I say resting my weight against the counter.

"Of course. Where are you?" His voice barely betraying his state of worry. This causes an involuntary smile to flick across my features. He would never allow himself to sound the least bit emotional, and certainly not concerned, unless he truly and strongly felt it.

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