Excape plan

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"Egypt!" -Mr. Cross.

"Why?!" -Eric.

"You can't be serious!" -DeLacy and Stella.

"Are you fucking kidding me?!" -Me {Carson}

"Language!" -Valora.

"Don't 'language' me you buck toothed poodle!" -Me.

"ENOUGH!!!" The Italian woman yells over everyone, "We are going to Egypt because I said so and that is final! No ands, ifs, buts about it we are going." she finalized in a sharp tone.

"And how exactly do you plan on getting there?" I ask, my voice dripping with poorly disguised disdain, "The Order will easily find you wither you take an airliner or carrier."

"I know a guy." She answers her accent becoming thicker than before.

"What guy?" The blue eyed Anu ask from in front of me, "And how are we going to pay this 'guy'? We have no money."

"We no have to pay him. He owes me, favor and fly us for free." The woman tells her daughter. Her English was slipping into a more Italian dialect as she continued talking with her daughter until they were both rattling off to each other in Italian.

I caught bits and pieces of it but it didn't mean anything. I couldn't understand the bigger parts of the conversation so the words I could get meant nothing.

'Great! Just great.' I think to myself sarcastically. 'I'm being forcibly dragged halfway around the bloody world to entertain a lot of psychopaths.'


A couple hours and a few death threats later we pull up to an old warehouse/junkyard and drive up to a set of old cast-iron gates with a thick chain and a large open padlock hanging off one gate. Mr. Cross got out and opened the gate, as we drive through I look back to watch the older man close and lock the gates.

We continued to make a winding path through the heaps off old airplane part and the occasional destroyed car or construction machinery. The twisting and turning of the path made it hard to remember which way we'd come, the mute similarity and convergence with countless other paths made the task impossible.

The car finally comes to a stop in front of a large old warehouse of some sort. I was left in the car as the others got out to stretch their legs and talk to this 'guy'.

The fact none of them saw fit to keep someone out here to watch me was insulting to say the least. I looked over the back of the seat in front of me to try and find something to cut these restraints.

Leaning my arms on the seat I didn't realize my hands had hit something until I heard angry hissing and felt a sharp pain in my wrist. Yanking my hands back, I look down to see that damn cat from earlier curled up in the seat where it had been sleeping.

It glared at me for a moment longer before putting its head back down and promptly falling back asleep. Scowling I shot daggers at the stupid animal before falling back in my seat to inspect the damage done to my hands.

Lifting my arms to slide them out from under the sweater I see thin rivulets of blood trickling out of the cuts in the duck tap, made by the cat, running down my arms and hands making them slick. I could feel the blood seep into the tap and slowly pealing the sticky from my skin.

A few moments later as I waited for the blood to make my wrist slick enough to slide out of the tape, the amber eyed girl with a bad attitude came back out to the vehicle. Opening the side door she climbs in over the pushed down seat on the far side of the van and over to me. Pulling me, none to gently, to the open door.

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