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Fresh air. Stella and I were taking it in by the lungfuls in a desperate attempt to rid the dirt and dust from our bodies.

Taking a deep breath Stella speaks up, "I never thought I'd be so happy to take a full breath in my life." She exclaims from beside me as we make our way to a local police station in search of weapons.

Chuckling I nod my head in agreement. Looking down the street I see the large police station building ahead of us a few blocks down. The smile on my face smoothly turns into a smirk as I grab Stella's hand and drag her into a very narrow alleyway.

Slipping between the large buildings we round the corner of one building into a long alley behind the row of buildings. Slipping behind a dumpster I turn to Stella.

"Stay here." I say before turning on my heels to make my way to the stations back door.

"Wait. Where are you going?" She says in a slightly panicked voice grabbing my arm.

Gently pulling my arm out of her grip I turn back to her and softly cup her chin between my thumb and forefinger to make her look at me. "I'm going to slip in through the vent on the roof and come around to the back door. Okay?" I say in as calm and reassuring voice as I could.

Her brows nit together in worried confusion, "Are you crazy? You'll get caught." She whispers harshly.

Looking her directly in the eyes I say, "I'll be fine." I smile softly. My smile turns into a smirk, "Besides, I'm a mega. What could they possibly do to me? I'll knock their sandy asses out before they know what hit 'em." I say leaning forward and pressing a quick kiss to her cheek to calm her nerves.

Stepping away from her I immediately feel the absence of her heat. Shaking it off I turn down the alleyway and before I start walking I spot the camera on the wall. Making a quick estement I judge the angle of the camera and guess I'm not in view yet.

Taking a step back from the dumpster I look up to see a windowsill about a yard above the top of the dumpster.

Rocking back on my feet I throw my weight forward and plant one foot on the rim of the dumpster leaping off planting my other foot on the wall. Reaching up quickly I grab the bottom sill.

"Are you crazy?!" Stella whisper yells at me harshly.

Without looking down I respond, "Do I really have to answer that?" I retort pulling myself up grabbing a small hole where a brick had crumbled out of the wall leaving behind dust and crumbled rocks.

"It was a rhetorical question." She snips, annoyance clear in her voice.

I let myself smile knowing she can't see me, "Wow. Carful now don't want to start using all those big words now. Could ruin your perfect C- average." I dig playfully grabbing the top sill of the window.

I hear her scoff and mutter under her breath, "Fuckin' bitch."

Chuckling I put my foot in the hole my hand had just occupied and push myself up grabbing the ledge of a wall decor that showed the separation of the second and third floor. "Wait till I get back, I can't right now." I fire back.

I hear her breath catch in her throat as she interoperates my words. Smiling at my affect on her I grab the next window and pull myself up grabbing the side of the window. Getting my feet on the bottom sill I jump up and grab the edge of the roof.

I hear Stella take in a sharp breath as I swing by my fingers from the roof ledge thirty feet above her head. "Dear, Lucia don't fall." She prays.

Pulling myself up I say, "Loo-sh-a sounds an awful lot like Lucian from Underworld." Now straddling the roofs edge I look down at her.

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