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'Stella's car-only not so new'

"Hey cagnolina." 'Grrrr'

Ever since I learned what the word meant it's been pissing me off every time DeLacy used it. And of course she knows that which is why she keeps doing it.

"What?" I growl between gritted teeth.

She huffs in amusement at my anger. "The last kid just left and since Si-Lily brought me here I have to ride home with you."

I look at her with a raised eyebrow. "Si-Lily?" I ask in both confusion and amusement though more the latter. Lily was the well established comic relief of our class which earned her the nickname Silly. A title she wore with a little too much pride at times.

"Oh shut it cagnolina." She mutters under her breath. I can't even be mad at her for that one because the slightly embarrassed look that flashed across her face before she controlled her expression was enough to draw out a laugh from me. At her expense of course.

"Are we gonna sit here all day talking or are we actually going to go home?!" She asks sharply, her agitation slightly showing. 'I guess a full day of watching over twenty-something kids finally took its toll on her.'

"Yeah come on let's get out of this hell hole." I say as I get up and head over to my blood red 2008 Camaro with white racing stripes down the center. It was originally my brothers but when he got a new car last year I got his Camaro.

"Language! We're still at a day care!" DeLacy scolds.

"I thought you said all the kids left?" I retort just to be an ass.

"That doesn't matter. If you're willing to say it when you think there aren't kids around; what are the chances of you slipping and saying it in front of a kid?" She points out while climbing into the passenger seat. 'Damn it, I hate it when she's right.' I grumble to myself, rolling my eyes at the other girl even if she couldn't see me. 'Doesn't help she's usually right either.'

I don't respond and just get in and start the car.


The trip back to the house was silent and it went unbroken until we were parked in the driveway. Before she could get out I finally decided to speak up. "Hey," She turns to face me with an uninterested look on her face, her hand still on the door handle. I take a deep breath and continue after a moments pause, "I just wanted to thank you for helping me today."

The corner of her lip twitches slightly, "Non è un problema. It was kind of fun seeing you get your ass kicked by three year olds." She laughs.

I open my mouth to make a retort, but she had already gotten out of the car. Scurrying out after her I go to say something again when an ear splitting scream comes from the house. DeLacy and I both freeze, looking at each other with wide eyes. "Ra'za!" We both exclaim running to the front door.

I came in right after DeLacy and saw Eric's mate Macy hiding behind my brother, both of which were cowering in the far corner of the living room. Eric was trying not to look scared of the little black and white demon ferociously hissing at him. But Macy, if she was trying to hide her fear she wasn't doing a very good job. 'I can't say I blame her for being scared of that beast DeLacy calls a pet.'

"Ra'za! Come here NOW!" The blue eyed brunette scolds the so called 'cat'. Said cat stops hissing immediately and runs across the coffee table and jumps up into her arms. "What's gotten into you?"

"It can talk?!" I hear Macy practically stage whisper to Eric. Immediately I knew she wasn't talking about the cat. DeLacy had to have heard her but pays no mind to the rude comment. I on the other hand am not that calm.

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