Found you

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I reluctantly drag my eyes away from the destroyed gate barely hanging onto its hinges. Looking over my shoulder I see Valora standing there. "Yeah?" I ask trying to sound normal but a faint trimmer makes my voice waver.

Judging by the look Valora sends me I'm not doing a very good job. Movement over her shoulder draws my attention to Stella, still as a wolf, limping towards us. Looking in my eyes she confirms without words that what I saw was real.

It was true. Everything my mother said was true. She was an Anu, a mega at that. And if what Valora says is true, her and I are the last ones. It also meant she really was my sister.

Blowing out a slow stream of air, I mindlessly start walking back the way we came, paying no mind to the bloody gashes on my arm.

That is until I hear a quiet gasp. Turning at the waist I see Valora starring at my arm. Looking down I notice the five deep claw marks Carson had left on the back of my left arm.

I didn't scream out in sudden pain or freak out at the rivers of blood and numerous shards of meat sticking out like jagged rocks from the open wounds, I just looked at it for a moment in a haze before dropping my arm limply at my side and continued on my path.

Walking past the wide eyed onlookers, I didn't stop until I reached my mother. I didn't speak, only holdup my injured arm to her still a bit hazy.

I slowly look up at her and see her already looking at me. She knows who gave me the marks, if the look of pain on her face told me anything.

"She's gone?" She ask with a wavering voice.

I numbly nod my head when someone comes up behind me, "Not if I have anything to say about it." it's Valora.

"What are you going to do?" Stella says coming up behind us in a baggy old t-shirt, "That things a mega!" she roughly points out.

At this Valora's eyes go wide, looking at me she silently pleads for me to tell her other wise, to say that Stella was mistaken. But I couldn't, I could only nod to confirm what Stella had just said was indeed the truth.

The little boy, Dillon, then leaves his parents side and walks up to Valora, "Is that bad?" he ask in an oblivious voice as he pulls on Valora's pants leg.

Taking a deep breath she whispers, "Yeah Dill, it is."

"Oh." He says looking down for a moment. "Why?" He ask looking back up at his big sister with large doe eyes.

Taking a moment to breath I answer his question, "Because that means she's strong, and could be very dangerous to us."

"Does she want to hurt us?" He ask with his small childish voice.

"Ya, she does." Valora answers without hesitation.

"How do you know?" His innocent keeping him from seeing the true danger.

"I just do." She answers.

"That's not a very good reason." Dillon says back, giving his sister a look.

"Come on Dil, let's just drop it and get on the plane. M'kay?"

"Fine." He concedes taking the Latina girls hand.

And with that said we all get on the waiting plane, where Mom bandages my arm, and we head off to Egypt.

Looking out the small window I look towards the broken gate, now long out of sight, where I had last seen Carson, my supposed sister, 'I just hope she doesn't turn into my worst enemy.'

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