What's for breakfast?

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Stella's wolf
I stirred slightly as my body slowly started to realize it needed to wake up. My eyes were still closed as I turned further into the soft pillow.

'This has to be the softest pillow I've ever slept on' I think to myself as I snuggle into the pillow taking a deep breath. The scent of honey suckle, cherry blossom, and vanilla. The scent was odd yet irresistibly sweet at the same time.

My pillow was so warm and made this steady strong rumbling thump, like distant thunder. 'Wait, why is my pillow thumping?'

Slowly I become aware of a warm slender arm wrapped firmly around my waist. I open my eyes and carefully shift my head back to look up into the sleeping face of none other than DeLacy Massai.

'Fuck how did this happen?' I start to panic. I was still looking up into her beautiful soft face. I noticed her lips were slightly parted in deep sleep allowing me to just barely make out the curved outline of her deadly fangs. It was like looking at a sleeping tiger. Beautiful, majestic, and terrifying to wake-up.

I got so lost in her sleeping features that all thoughts of untangling myself from her were completely forgotten. Her bare leg was rubbing between the insides of mine in her sleep as she shifted to compensate the loss of heat from my body moving away from hers. My basketball shorts were up around my hips and her hand was on my lower back where my shirt rode up in the night.

Her fingers were softly gripping and releasing in a gentle scratching motion. She let out a deep sigh in her sleep and unconsciously pulled me closer. Tensing up I tried to pull away when I felt something sharp prick my lower back.

Yelping a little in both surprise and pain I freeze and quickly looked back to DeLacy to see her start to stir. In a panic I shot backwards falling off the edge of the bed and onto the hard floor. 'Ouch.' Carpet or not that hurt.

My fall made a loud thud as my tailbone hit the carpeted floor. This made DeLacy shoot up in bed. After a couple seconds she leaned on her elbows to peer over the edge of the bed at what made the sound. I looked up at her only to be met with deep blue eyes filled with equal parts laughter and confusion. "Having trouble?" She ask raising one brow.

I sat up on my hands and tucked my chin down to my chest in embarrassment. I looked up through my lashes at her as she leaned over the edge and just looked at me with amusement still gleaming in her eyes. At that I looked to the side with a blush.

"Are you blushing?" She asks me with a tone of laughter in her voice.

My blush deepened as I turned a glare on her. "No!" I snap, my tone was just a little too defensive but I didn't much care at the moment.

"Uh-huh sure ya aren't." She says in a smug voice.

"I'm not."

"I just agreed with you!"

"Yeah! But in a smug way."

"You'd know wouldn't you." She mumbled under her breath.

"What?" I asked, more out of astonishment that she'd said it than wanting her to repeat it.

"Nothing." She says in a faux cheerful tone. "I'm going to go get something to eat." She says hopping off the bed with a bounce in her step.

'Oh no, she must be one of those morning people.' I groan to myself.

Getting up I follow her down the stairs to the kitchen. The counter tops were made of marble with varying shades of gray with black and white swirls in it. The cabinets were made of dark brown wood and all appliances were stainless steel. 'What does her mom do for a living?' I wondered as I looked around at the rather nice furnishings.

As I took a seat at the bar DeLacy walked over to the stove and started to get out the things to make breakfast. She put the bacon in the oven and as she bent over I realized she still hadn't put on any pants. I wasn't particularly looking but it was hard not to notice how snuggly her plain black panties fit over her rear. My breath hitched as I tried desperately to put a clamp on the well of lust and longing coming from my deeper primal side that had marked this woman as a potential mate.

My heart was hammering in my chest and I scrambled desperately for something to say or do to distract myself from staring at her body.

Apparently I had been sitting there staring for a while because she was now cooking the scrambled eggs and reached up to the cup-board and her tank top rode up to her waist.

I look out the window over the sink to distract myself. I didn't know how long I had been staring out the window before my attention was snapped back to her. On of the cabinets lightly slammed shut as she pulled two plates out and started transferring the food onto them. When she's finished she shoves one towards me and the other in front of the seat next to me. On her way around the bar she stops by the fridge and pulls out a large bottle of syrup and plucks a pink post-it-note off the front. She reads it for a second before continuing on her way to the plate now sitting next to me. As she sits beside me with her own plate of food she tosses the note beside my hand for me to read. I pick it up to read when I notice her pop the top open on the syrup and proceeded to drown her plate in the sticky mess. A looked on in horror as she eagerly dove into the plate of pure liquified sugar. Shaking my head I try not to watch her eat her plate of syrup. Focusing my attention on the note I read through it quickly.

'Girls Stacy is at work
and we have to make
plans for a new house
to be built
Have fun
~love you

After reading the note I start eating my food 'I guess Eric's with Macy 'cause I don't hear anyone else in the house besides me and DeLacy' At that thought my attention was turned back to the half dressed brunette beside me.

"Where are your pants?" I ask before I can catch myself.

"Huh?" She looks looks at me confused before looking down at her criss-crossed legs in the barstool. "Oh shit!" She exclaims now realizing that she was in fact half naked. "Umm... I'll be right back." She mutters. As she turns to get out of her barstool and run up the stairs she trips over the stool's prongs and falls right onto me.

Her arms shot out and grabbed onto my stool and thigh to steady herself. She ended up face planting on my shoulder and collarbone causing her to bare her teeth. My heart stopped as I felt the smooth edges of her fangs run across my skin sending a chill down my spine. Her hot breath was rolling over my skin sending goose bumps over my flesh. I shuddered and looked down at her as she looked up at me. Her deep royal blue eyes met my sky blues and our gazes locked for an instant.

I swear her eyes turned an unnerving shade of aquamarine before she righted herself and bolted. I watched her retreat up the stairs with a sense of dread settling in my gut.

'This should be a fun.' I grumbled to myself sarcastically.

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