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I didn't want to get up. I just wanted to lay there, face down, on the concrete. But of course one very persistent girlfriend and annoying nurse weren't going to let me do that.

"Stella. Get up!" DeLacy's now annoyed voice snaps at me.

My response is the same as it had been the last thirteen times she tried to talk me into moving, a long suffering groan muffled by the concrete.

"If you don't get up I'm gonna drag you across this concrete." DeLacy threatens from her position crouched right in front of me.

Using all of my effort I slowly lift my head and stare at her through my dirty and matted hair. "You wouldn't." I challenge narrowing my eyes as I scrutinize the annoyance plainly shown on her face to see just how true her statement actually was.

In response she simply lifts one brow, daring me to call her bluff. 'Damn it. She went stone faced.' I curse as her features go blank. Sighing, I let out another long groan as I let my face fall back onto the concrete.

I hear a disgruntled huff from DeLacy and before I can register the sound of footsteps walking around me; I feel my ankles being seized and pulled around toward the hospital doors.

The concrete stung as it bit into my bare skin but I was too tiered to protest and just let myself be dragged across the concrete. I heard another set of footsteps clip by and stop somewhere behind me, then a cold rush of air hit my grimy skin as the doors swung open.

When my skin met the cold metal of the threshold my whole body jerked and I let out a startled scream.

DeLacy suddenly stops pulling me and her hold goes slack. "What is it?" She asked, the worry clear in her voice. I could only imagine the cute little furrow of her eyebrows as she gives a slight frown, looking for what made me cry-out.

"The floors cold." I answered in a pout as I drop my jaw back onto the ground.

A few seconds of silence tick by, long enough for me to wonder if DeLacy is trying not to laugh at me or kill me. I wanted to turn my head and look over my shoulder to see her expression but I also didn't want to risk moving, least she actually be angry at me.

So I just lay there, not moving. My eyes wondered across the faces of the people watching us from the street outside. Some were wide-eyed, others look scared, while a few looked like they were about to die in delirious laughter. 'Well you guys are no help.'

I jump when I feel my feet being shifted into one hand and my legs being pulled higher into the air. I'm scared DeLacy's about to start running with me in tow but when I feel a slender arm wrap around my hips and start lifting me off the ground I breath out a sigh of relief and let my body go limp.

I knew she was about to carry me, but the way she was picking me up was wrong for a normal bridal carry. 'Oh no.' As it hits me what she's about to do I start squirming in her grasp to try and get free but it's too late. She already had ahold of my arms and was pulling my torso across the back of her neck and shoulders in a hunters carry.

'Oh this is humiliating. I look like a tagged deer.' A deep scowl spread across my features as DeLacy continued to walk into the building.

"I hate you." I state bluntly as I glare at the side of her head with a blank angry expression. I can practically feel the shit-eater grin spread across her lips. "You're enjoying this aren't you?" I question with another, harder, glare.

Her answer comes through as a soft chuckle. "You have no idea." She says following the nurse through the building.

"So you're just gonna parade me around naked?" I ask with as much contempt and sarcasm as I can put into my voice.

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