Homeward Bound

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'Please watch and listen to this video'

I was drifting through an endless darkness completely abandoned by any form of life. When I started to hear something, it was faint but getting louder. I couldn't make out what it was though.

Slowly I struggle to pry my eyes open. Succeeding but only barely, I find myself looking through bleary eyes at a vast array of baby blue and white.

Lifting my head I wince at the pain in my neck as my stiff joints protest against the movement. Lifting my hand up I run my fingers over a particularly sensitive spot. 'A needle mark? When did I.......' I freeze as the memory of what happened returns.

Looking around I find I'm sitting in a small plane by on of the two windows in it. Looking at the pilot I see a man I've never seen before, and sitting in the seat behind him is Nikolia passed out cold.

Getting up on shaky legs I make my way over to his seat noting the only two other seat are vacant. The pilot looks up at me through a mirror on the dash for a second before returning his gaze to the front.

"Ex..." My voice catches, raspy from disuse. Clearing my throat I start again, "Excuse me, where are we going?" I ask the pilot.

He looks at me trough the mirror once more, "Egypt." he says before turning back to the front.

"Egypt." I whisper under my breath confused, looking around the plane for an answer as to why. Before looking back at Nikolai sleeping in the seat before me. 'He disobeyed orders. He's never done that before.'

Turning away I make my way back to my seat and sit down. Staring out the window as I watch the scene in my head, when Lockwitch shot Charlie and his little body fell to the ground lifeless. Hearing the gunshot play in my head over and over. I squeeze my eyes shut trying to drowned it out.

I only succeed in making it louder and the memory more vivid. 'God damn it I need something to distract me.'

On the verge of tears I look up and lift my hand to cover my mouth refusing to let myself cry. 'Lockwitch will pay for that, if it's the last thing I do. I will make him pay.' This thought sobers me up some but I can still hear that retched gunshot.

Pulling my hand away I see my newly acquired claws fully extended. Loosening my hand they slide back in. 'Where the hell do they go?' I wonder.

Extending my claws again I watch them come out. I loosen and they retracted. Looking at my fingertips I slowly tense my hand again and see the black tips of the claws peaking out from under my fingernail. 'So that's where they come out. Would explain how they're black but my nails aren't. How do they fit in my hand?'

Watching as my skin molds around the shell of the claw I notice each claw is about the length of the second knuckle to the end of each finger it comes out.

Retracting them once more I lift my other hand and squeeze gently at the sides of my forefinger. I feel something there and extending my claws I feel it move and find myself now pressing on my bone.

Lifting my extended claws to my ear I flick one and listen. 'Huh. They're hallow.' I realize looking at my hand, 'They must go around my bones when sheathed. Then how the hell do I move my fingers?'

Retracting them once more I bend my hand to test their flexibility and find it perfectly normal. 'What the hell? I feel like a creature from a bad sci-fi movie.' I think to myself as I put my hand down storing the question for later.

Lifting up my foot I find the same thing only they were the entire length of my toes. 'This is so bloody weird.'

Putting my foot back down, before I could do anything else I feel a stabbing pain shoot through my abdomen. Letting out a cry of pain and shock I double over clutching my stomach.

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