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Walking back to our rooms Stella and Eric were assigned one as was Valora and her family, Mom and I got our own. They said it was tradition to give the mega their own sleeping quarters and since mom was married to one and the mother of another she got her own as well.

Valora took Eric to the infirmary since he was dumb enough to get rammed by one of the goats. He was lucky that horn didn't rip another hole in his ass.

That left Stella and I to walk back on our own. I was still holding her hand because it seemed to calm her down. I had let go at one point and she had locked up like a scared puppy. So I let her hold my hand as we walked back.

"Thanks." I hear a soft voice whisper from my side.

Looking at Stella, "For what?" I ask.

Keeping her head tilted slightly down she looks up at me through her lashes. My breath tries to catch in my throat at the sincere and almost vulnerable look in her eyes but I manage to swallow it before she notices. "Everything." She whispers giving my hand a tight squeeze before turning to a carved stone door, I hadn't realized we stopped in front of, and walked into her room.

Just before she had let go of my hand I had felt that odd heat when she touched me get a little hotter.

Shaking it off I continue down the corridor to my room.

Walking in I'm met by a dark room the only light from a small lantern on the bedside table. My inhuman eyesight allowing me to see easily. Making my way to my bed I lay down and am met by Ra'za who curls up with me.

I laid there stroking Ra'za'a soft fur and listened to the sound of purring and air rushing through the stone vents. And it struck me how normal this was. Just lying in bed petting my cat. It's something humans did, but here I was, not a human, doing just that. I wonder what it would be like?

To be human. To not be obliged to lead others. To not be given a responsibility without any say in the mater. To not have to hide your nature or looks, to be able to smile without the fear of scaring people. Being called a freak or a demon. To not be hunted just because I was born with claws, fangs, and three blue streaks in my hair.

I wonder what they would think if the people they thought were human turned out to be something else. Lock us up and kill us probably. 'Hell, they're doing that now.'

This is my last thought before I succumb to the realm of dreams and memories.

'Needle brained moron!' I think to myself walking back to my shared room with my adoptive family. Walking in as quietly as I can I look over to see the bunk beds they gave us. Mr. And Mrs. Cross were on the bottom bunk, I never could call them Mama and Papa I had those once but I lost them, I slide into the top bunk quietly. Being carful not to wake Dillon as I lay down beside him.

As I start to drift off I feel a small body snuggle into my side. Looking down through foggy eyes I see Dillon curling up into my side. Wrapping my arm around him I fall asleep to a blurry image of liquid gold and black silk running through a broken gate.


The next morning I was fighting to hold Dillon back from running off into the crowd of people. These were Anu and I knew how our minds worked if you weren't in the family bond you were an outsider.

I was bound to DeLacy and none of them had yet formed a bond. The older ones had broken family bonds and the younger ones never had one. They weren't connected the way the Anu should be. I saw the way they fought and bickered. They didn't trust one another and the younger ones refused to listen. They rebelled against order, where the elders knew their place. They could remember from the bond before were they belonged.

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