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"Here you are Miss." The lady behind the cafeteria counter said politely handing me my cup of coffee with a nervous grin. This was the third time I've gotten something from her and every time she gave me the same scared and nervous greeting and farewell no matter how many times I assured her I wasn't going to hurt her.

I even tried making a joke about not biting but I think I just scared her more so I just accepted my coffee with a small smile that kept my teeth hidden and walked away.

I walked past the people seated around the cafeteria and made my way to the recovery room floor where the others and I staid in the waiting room most of the time.

Both Carson and Valora were fine for the most part, but the doctors wouldn't let them leave on precaution that they weren't as alright as they claimed and seemed to be. Anu were strong, I knew that and so did they, but the doctors didn't and I wasn't putting up too much of a fight. I didn't want something happening to them because they hadn't fully healed.

That didn't stop them from roaming the hospital, much to the faculties complaint.

They didn't want us roaming around and frightening the other patients. That was probably part of the reason they let us take our food and drink out of the cafeteria and into the waiting room.

Walking in I see Stella slouched in a chair with her eyes focused on the muted television still on the same news channel it's been on since we got here yesterday. They still offered us the room, but none of us wanted to stay in there, it was too small and made it hard to tell what was going on around us.

The minor woman and her son took to staying in the waiting room as well since one of us were usually in here at any given time. The news reporter and the camera man stayed in here as well.

At first they tried to follow us around but we all quickly shot that down with glares and bared teeth. Other news reporters tried to come in and film us or ask us questions but they were kept out by security. One news crew was enough, they didn't need dozens crowding there hospital.

That didn't stop them from trying to get in and get a shot of us.

Walking over to Stella I take the seat next to her and fold my legs underneath me. It was oddly comforting to be back in sweatpants and a t-shirt. The hospital had provided us all with a similar set of grey clothes and discarded our other ones that were a little too worse-for-wear to justify keeping.

I didn't watch the TV like Stella but I watched the kid playing with several of the toys in the waiting room. I couldn't help the smile that pulled at the corners of my lip watching him have so much fun with all these new toys he's never seen before. His mother was sitting on the other side of the room watching him as well.

"De'Lacy!" I hear my name being called from down the hallway. Turning my head to face the source of the voice I see both Carson and Valora barreling down the hall at a full sprint.

"What?" I ask in high-pitched voice laced with confusion.

Skidding to a stop Carson reaches over the back of Stella's chair and snatched the remote from her hand.

"Hey!" Stella yelled, though it seemed more out of habit and surprise than anger.

Carson didn't respond and Valora was practically doubled over trying to catch her breath. She may not be dying but having to heal the way she did still took a toll on her body.

"Look." Carson ordered, slightly out of breath herself.

Turning our attention to the TV we saw an aerial view of a large hospital with hundreds of people outside on the streets, with more people, who looked to be hospital staff, walking around tending to the people on the street.

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