My kanojo cheated on me with my senpai, so I cheated on her with senpais kanojo

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Ayanokouji POV

It's now Sunday, the day of our date.

Yesterday, Karuizawa and Nagumo met up and did who knows what.

But I don't care anymore, Karuizawa isn't under my protection anymore. This date today will either be the turning point of our relationship, or the calamity that will break it.

Frankly I have no qualms with breaking it off with her, she has become a liability to me. Although her usefulness is still there, it is overshadowed by the presence of Nagumo. He can exploit her for any information about me at any time, which is a shame really because I entrusted her with tasks that will help me survive in this school.


I looked out of the window, in a couple of minutes Karuizawa would be here.

'What a wuss.'

Those simple words...

I was too late, I shouldn't have let her get into the hands of Nagumo.

Well, at least one benefit came from this...

I can finally destroy Nagumo once and for all.

I may have lost Karuizawa but I gained someone else.

Asahina Nazuna.

Our recent... entanglement was more thrilling than I expected.

I still remember her expression, her voice her-

I unconsciously gripped onto the windowsill, Nazuna really is something else...

Nagumo is a fool for cheating on her, a moron to do it with my girlfriend.

"What should I do?"

I couldn't help but speak those words out loud, I have everything planned. Yet I have doubts... why is that? Am I that attached to Karuizawa that I don't want to hurt her...


She hurt me, I have the right for retribution.

*Knock* *knock* *knock*

I was snapped out of my inner turmoil by the sound of my door being knocked upon.

I went to the door as quickly as possible, after all we are still in a secret 'relationship'.


Opening the door I was greeted with a smiling Karuizawa.

Karuizawa: "Hey Kiyotaka! Let me in before someone sees me."


"Right, come in Kei."

I want to vomit...

She walked past me and took off her shoes, then she made her way to the couch in the living room.

But I noticed an irregularity...

She was walking with a limp...


Well I guess they did it...

I hope Nagumo enjoys my Nazuna...

She is also limping...

I went over to the girl on the couch, seeing me she told me to sit down.

I was going to ask her what drink she wanted but I guess she wants to talk first.

Karuizawa: "Kiyotaka, where were you on Friday after you left?"

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