Different heroine (V3) PART 1

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3rd Person POV

Hearts of gold are very hard to come across nowadays.

Humanity and its selfish ideals infect everyone's environment. To love is a double edged sword.

Love can either help fix a heart or it can lead to it breaking.

Increased emotions and sentiments lead people to confess their love.

Hiding that love will only hurt them, so in an attempt to ease that pain. Love is proclaimed, and to the person who confesses they hope to have it reciprocated.

It hurts a lot to leave it alone.

It hurts to keep it suppressed.

It hurts to stay silent.

Life moves on forward, not backwards. Love won't wait for you, in fact it will leave you if you let it slip away.

So will you let it slip away?

Ayanokouji POV

If I were to say something about myself, it would be that I am nothing.

Let me rephrase that...

I have nothing, I have no personality, no purpose for myself, no love.

It's a troublesome idea to love someone, but I would like to try it out...

To have a girlfriend and to learn how to regain everything through her has been in my calculations since the start of my high school life.

Although I am incapable of having such an emotion as love, I can like someone.

Many people have attracted my attention, leading me to consider them as my future partner.

It's hard to fall in love when you can't.

I hoped for a possible change in mindset wherever I went.

My mindset may be looked at with hatred, seeing people as tools makes me look like a psychopath. Well that mindset helped me survive, it helped me fight and it helped me win.

However it doesn't mean that I want to keep it...

I want to look at people as normal humans once again.

This school had many people that had a lot of humanity, a lot of personality and emotion.

Emotion that I wished to acquire by communicating with them, however it was harder than I thought.

'Sigh' I have only been able to talk to a handful of people.

The idiot trio, an annoying black haired demon, the classes false angel and my seat mate.

Well that's it...

'Sigh' that really wasn't good...

Out of a class of forty people I was only acquainted with six people.

This was horrible...

There were many people with different personalities inside the classroom, that made the atmosphere of the class exude an atmosphere of individuality.

But I am different, I had no individual traits that belonged to just me.

I adapted to the situation at hand, I have been pretending to be someone I am not.

My desire for a peaceful life led me to take this path.

Well until she showed up beside me...

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