Adapting (Part 3)

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Ayanokouji POV

Right now I was being questioned by my classmates, my friends even my girlfriend.

All wanted to know my reason...

But what can I do?

There was nothing to be done, any words out of my mouth would endanger me, Kei and Shizuku.

I already hurt Shizuku enough, I don't want her to suffer even more.

Just looking at her crying put a dent into my non existent heart.

I needed to fix this...

I stood up from my seat, ignoring the looks of my classmates and decided to make my way to Shizuku.

She looked at me, her eyes boring into me, the two girls who were looking after her were looking at me.

Satou had a worried look on her face.

Kushida she hated me even more.

I ignored them as well, the only person in my trajectory.

Suzuki Shizuku.

"Can I talk to you in private shizuku?"

I asked her in as gentle a manner I could muster.

Shizuku: "Why? What more can you say to me? You already rejected me. 'Sigh' Just leave me alone Kiyotaka..."

This wasn't the Shizuku I knew...

She wasn't this weak, she wasn't this emotionally charged...

No semblance of the Shizuku I knew was there...

Her hair and looks were all that remained, but such things can be replicated...

That thought made me look at her in doubt.

Was this the real Shizuku that I knew?

I looked around the class, all of my classmates looked at our interaction with various emotions.

Hatred, worry, neutrality and apathy.

All negative and none were positive, I see it now.

They feel hatred towards me for interacting with Shizuku who was hurting right now when I should have given her space.

They feel a sense of worry for her and with the contents of our conversation they don't want her to be hurt anymore than what has been done.

Neutrality as in the fact that they see both of our sides, they see the predicament we are in, with a broader outlook than the others.

Some felt complete lack of concern for me, they in fact wanted Shizuku away from me, they weren't happy, but they weren't unhappy. Rather they felt complete apathy towards me.

Kushida: "Ayanokouji kun I don't mean to be rude but shouldn't you give her some space? Can't you see the state she is in?"

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