Come back to me...

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Walking through the snow back to their dorms, the pair of Satou Maya and Ayanokouji Kiyotaka were hand in hand. A beautiful smile graced Satous face as she glanced at him from time to time. The boy who had the notion to reject her earlier, clutched her hand and let her lead him through the snow.

She felt like she could finally move on, her past which shaped her was now handed onto the hands of another; this time she would make sure nothing would mess up her harmony. This notion in her heart and the feeling of infatuation clouded her judgment, she was hand in hand with a boy who has the entire world confused about him. She didn't care one bit about not trying, she was desperate enough before and now she had him.

They kept on walking through the snow and eventually arrived at the dorms building, it was here that Satou paused and stood right in front of him.

"Um... let's end the date here Kiyotaka." She spoke up with a smile. "I-I had fun." She added with a small blush.

"Alright, I had fun too Maya, let's go on another some other day." Ayanokouji replied before looking down at his held hand.

"I guess... this is goodbye for now, good luck..." She let go of his hand and began walking away.

"Bye bye." Ayanokouji waved as he watched her fleeting figure.

I watched the tombstone of her grave. Surveying the inscriptions over and over again, the name of my wife written out and the only thing I could hear was the pitter patter of the rain.

I came here every week, I had her favourite flowers in my hand. I had her gift wrapped around my wrist. Despite the time we spent together I couldn't help but feel like that time wasn't enough. 

"Wake up Kiyotaka..." I whispered into his ear before snuggling up against his chest.

I had my arms wrapped around his torso, this oozing comfort and scent was going to put me right back to sleep; but I kept my eyes open and seeing his sleeping face made refrain from even trying to rest my eyes.

He turned to face me, even though he was asleep his body always searched for me like a child. I felt happy knowing that I was wanted.

"Wake up..." I cooed softly as I nestled my head on the inside of his shoulder.

It quickly became silent and I heard his breathing slow down a bit, before he moved and wrapped his arms around me.

"Good morning Maya..." He spoke softly to me, he squeezed me softly and cradled me in his arms like he usually does.

"Hehe..." I giggled before looking up into his golden brown eyes. "Good morning." I greeted him back with a beaming smile.

I watched the two hand in hand, it felt sickening and I was almost at the verge of tears when I saw them walking together.  I knew that despite me being unable to hear the conversation, I knew what their body language suggested. The gifts they had wrapped around their wrists and the way she smiled towards him.

"Why not me?" I wondered as I clenched my fists.

He had helped me before, he had done so much for me that I couldn't see it as nothing other than 'that'. I couldn't understand why he always helped me, this fleeting sense of rationality was leaving my body. He obviously loved me, which made this whole situation much more unbearable to see.

"Ya-hallo! Ayanokouji kun!" I heard footsteps approach me, there was no mistaking her voice; she rushed up to me and slapped me on the back.

"Oh, hello Ichinose." I greeted her before she walked to my side.

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