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Monster (Marvel Male Reader) by IvanBullock
Monster (Marvel Male Reader)by Nerd Herd
Y/N L/N doesn't know much about his family or where he came from. All he knows is that he's lived in New York all his life, fighting and stealing to survive. One day he...
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NEET Receives a Dating Sim Game Leveling System by xAkira04
NEET Receives a Dating Sim Game Le...by
A 30-year-old NEET is reincarnated into the body of an otaku that choked to death on instant noodles. As he comes to grips with his new life, he realizes that this world...
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School SPIRIT (Monster Girls X Reader) by RorschachWhoLaughs
School SPIRIT (Monster Girls X Rea...by Not a Cretin Dammit
Descriptions Are Dumb. It's October. I like scary movies. Here's an idea I had.
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The Black Lion Of Earth x Transformers Prime by DiarcyWalker
The Black Lion Of Earth x Transfor...by king the conquerer
Jack Darby gets into a big argument with Arcee which leads him to being banshished from the base. weeks later he gets into an energon accident set up by MECH and Silas...
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Percy Jackson, Son of Chaos  by MidnightIridescence
Percy Jackson, Son of Chaos by MidnightIridescence
Percy is betrayed when Nick Waters, a son of Poseidon and Percy's half brother, comes to camp. Loyalties are tested and enemies are made. Sally abandons him to start a m...
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Azur Lane:Rise Of The Siren Empire by Volmatriax
Azur Lane:Rise Of The Siren Empireby Aleon Arc
Y/N a 16 year old boy who was at school with his classmates was suddenly transported into the world of Azur Lane. he and the others was ask to join them and fight agains...
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The Flight Of Icarus (Pit male Reader X HighSchool DxD story) by megaman099115
The Flight Of Icarus (Pit male Rea...by Karsenwoods099
y/n is the leader of Palutena bodyguard the one who defeated Medusa and Hades however the lady Palutena has a new mission for the Angel to watch after a group of Devil's...
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Issei Reborn (Highschool DXD fanfic) by LazyHunterZ
Issei Reborn (Highschool DXD fanfi...by Child_of_Oblivion
So basically a character of my own will be reborn as Issei, but he won't be called by his name in this story he'll just be plain old Issei but with a character developme...
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No Game No Life x male reader (insert) by d3rpyXpenguin
No Game No Life x male reader (ins...by derpy penguin
In this story you are Sora and Shiro's childhood friend. You met them when you were 9, after moving into the same apartment building. You and Sora are like brothers, and...
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A Hero from Another World (Fantasy Harem x Male Reader) by Lynxtheguy2
A Hero from Another World (Fantasy...by Lynxtheguy2
(Y/n) (l/n), a relative nobody in his world, comes to a new world and he just might become that worlds greatest hero.
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The Black Dragon Emperor (Highschool DxD Harem x Male Reader) by sambamhaw
The Black Dragon Emperor (Highscho...by sambamhaw
Dragons never involved themselves in the war between angels, devils, fallen angels, and demons. Until the Welsh Dragon Ddraig and the Vanishing Dragon Albion broke out a...
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The Sin of Wrath's Son (Male reader x Seven Deadly Sins Harem) by Jesse676soto
The Sin of Wrath's Son (Male reade...by Jesse Alexis Soto
Y/n is the son of Meliodas the sin of Wrath or demon prince. How ever he goes by. But what adventures will Y/n go on with his father. Will he find out the secrets his fa...
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Konosuba: God's Blessing of the God of War by Nightmarefredbear666
Konosuba: God's Blessing of the Go...by Nightmarefredbear666
(Y/N) was a simple teen who lived on his own, loved playing video games, and was a shut-in neet. However, his dreams may just come true as he is struck with an untimely...
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Quirk creating hero  by gamerpro_p
Quirk creating hero by nolife_why
Izuku yagi has a loving mother inko and loving father toshinori and loving sister Izumi. What can possible go wrong Quirkless Izuku is told that he is quirkless and is b...
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Fairy Tail's Shinobi Legend by snazzycake101
Fairy Tail's Shinobi Legendby Kelly
Long long ago before magic even existed, there was shinobi. But in Earthland there is magic, and shinobi are only myths and legends that parents would tell to their chil...
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Up in the Stars by sapphox
Up in the Starsby sapphox
Enid is moving across the world to attend university. Away from all that she knows, she soon finds herself at the center of three men's unyielding attention. Three men...
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Highschool DxD: The Demon God  by _Aulaire_
Highschool DxD: The Demon God by QAQ
Lux Arcadia. That name, such a harmless name that can make 3 fractions faint, shake, scream, run, piss themselves, and make them scared to death. Even their leaders are...
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Reincarnated as an Cute Overpowered Assassin Reaper [V1] [Dropped For Revision]  by YoSeBuHaRo
Reincarnated as an Cute Overpowere...by YoSeBuHaRo
Chihei Kanari is a boy with gray eyes and gray hair. He has average grades, he is a chibi(small child), and he has a face of a girl which makes him cute. He and his clas...
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Recruit x Rainbow Six Seige by DeBlokz
Recruit x Rainbow Six Seigeby Issac
Y/N a recruit of Rainbow Six. Here he will attempt to become an operator but while before that he will go through training and other things. How he hasn't been kicked ou...
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Konosuba X MaleReader //Harem// by AblitzAaqib
Konosuba X MaleReader //Harem//by AblitzAaqib
your name was [Y/N] [L/N]. You were born as an active guy but your bestfriend, Satou Kazuma, is a shut in. you always wondered why he was a shut in. after a light jog yo...
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