Different heroine (V2) PART 1

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3rd Person POV

Inside the classroom two students were talking to eachother.

One was a girl and the other a boy.

Inside a classroom full of students they were inside their own world.

Seatmates since the start and now friends to the end.

Or could it be more?

Many people struggle to let those suppressed feelings off their chest.

Afraid of rejection, afraid of losing what they had.

Love and like are two different things.

The boy liked her...

The girl loved him...

If you can see the difference then you have already seen how those feelings are suppressed.

Why? It's because your mind tells you so, your heart wants them.

However, your brain doesn't need them.

Liking is a want.

Loving is a need.

Ayanokouji wanted someone to like.

The girl needed someone to love.

Eventually those aims switched, the girl now wanted someone to like her.

The boy needed someone to love him.

A love story with many flaws and contradictions.

If you can't reciprocate love then that relationship you once had is dead.

Both knew it and both didn't want to say it.

Both stayed silent about that topic of love.

Both spoke about everything else but love.

If they can keep those sentiments hidden then their relationship as friends will stay intact.

But the weight of lying rests on their shoulders.

The girl and the boy knew what they had to do.

Loving wasn't simple, it could break or mend a heart.

Ayanokouji had a heart that needed to be mended.

The girl could help in fixing his heart.

Ayanokouji POV

Listening to her laugh made me happy.

Everything about her made the world around her bright.

Her smile beamed like the sun and her eyes were full of light.

However, she lies like I do.

We pretend and we can't stop pretending.

I know she likes me, I know her hearts desire.

But I know what her brain thinks about me, how I am lying to her as well.

Our friendship started off rocky, we spoke to eachother very rarely.

Time and time again we only exchanged greetings with eachother.

It's not her fault, I just didn't know how to speak to her as an equal.

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