Different heroine (V1) PART 2

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This is now its own fanfic!

Mii chan POV

We have been friends since the start, well that's what I thought. The boy sitting beside me was smart, fast and a good conversationist, although he is one of the people at the bottom of the school hierarchy because he lacks presence in the class, he is misunderstood by the rest of the class.

Just now he was sleeping on his desk.

He looked so cute!

That smile that donned his face, I couldn't stop myself from taking a picture of him.

But I made a big mistake, the flash was on...

He now woke up and I froze, oh no he is making eye contact with me.

What do I do?

Ayanokouji: "What are you doing Mii-chan?"

My phone was still in my hands and I was still standing.

There were only a couple of minutes before class started.

Ayanokouji: "Sigh, Why don't you sit down Mii-chan?"

Ah right.

My face must be so red right now!

I took a picture of him without his permission, but it was so cute!

Definitely worth it.

I quickly sat down in the seat beside him, the phone still in my hand with picture in it.

Ayanokouji: "You haven't answered my question Mii-chan, what did you do? What was that bright white light?"

"White light? What white light?"

I tried to feign ignorance, I can't let him see the picture on my phone it would be too embarrassing.

Ayanokouji: "That's strange when I woke up to the direction of where the white light came from, I found you with your phone held up pointed at me in a frozen state. Care to explain why your phone was pointed at me?"

He looked at my phone, before looking back at me.

Oh no you don't!

He tried to grab my phone but I pulled myself backwards which proved both beneficial and dangerous.

Right now I was falling backwards until I felt a hand at my feet and one that grabbed my hand.

It was Ayanokouji kun.

He pulled me back up back to my original position.

Everyone was looking at us now, this is embarrassing.

Matsushita: "Mii-chan are you alright?"

She asked me with that with a worried tone, don't worry Matsushita san I am perfectly ok!

"Y-Yes I am, thanks to Ayanokouji kun."

Hearing that my other classmates turned away back into their own world.

Matsushita san also turned away.

At least that is resolved for now...

'Sigh' a large sigh came out of my mouth.

That was close, if Ayanokouji kun wasn't here then I might have been in the infirmary by now.

Not going to lie I was a bit scared there...

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