I hate you 4

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"Sooo..." I muttered as I eyed Chie sensei with a bright smile. "Kiyotaka kun is back?" I asked as she looked back at me with a grin.

"Oya Oya. Happy are you Honami chan that the love of your life is back?" She replied and I looked down with rosy cheeks.

"Maybe..." I muttered.

"I'm acting like a kid..." I thought before I brought my face up again.

The rest of the class was looking at me, some of them even started giggling at my display.

"You're so cute Honami chan." I heard Mako chan mouth to me.

"Umu umu, she's so cute haha." Kobashi chan agreed with a giggle.

"Stop it you guys... it's embarrassing..." I looked down again to hid my expression.

"Ahem, anyways, you can all talk about that later, we have class now so I am going to take the role." Chie sensei announced, interrupting the upcoming commotion.

We all sat there as she began taking attendance.

"I guess I can leave to see him during lunch..." I thought as a small smile graced my face.

My whole demeanour switched and I couldn't be more happier than I am right now.

A simple reaction came out of Ichinose when they announced his return to school. Nonetheless, the news still shook people; from the first years to the third years. Nobody had ever heard of a student returning to school after a drop out. None of them knew how he did it, the announcement just came and went; he had returned and nobody was able to reason how.

In the first years case, a certain blonde haired pair of students in class D were experiencing opposite feelings. Well, they were both happy but each one had their own reason.

Hosen Kazuomi had another chance to get the 20 Million point bounty.

Nanase Tsubasa was able to fulfil her end of the deal and help protect her senpai.

Nanase Tsubasa when the announcement came that Ayanokouji dropped out had become sullen. Knowing that in the end, Matsuos wishes were ruined. However, when she found out the reason why Ayanokouji left; it turned her stomach completely.

She couldn't stomach it, the immense pity she had for Ayanokouji and his departure. The reasoning behind it caused Nanase great upset, from when she once respected Karuizawa; she was left with disdain for her. However, it doesn't mean she did anything; she like Sakayanagi felt no need to do so after Ryuenn took action. Still though, she hated her guts.

Similar to Hosen, Yagami Takuya was content and pleased at the turn of events. Needless to say when Ayanokouji left, he spoke to the chairman directly. His words back then were filled with malice and contempt. His opportunity to prove himself as the better slipped away and he was more than angry enough to lash out.

Especially, after he found out why he left. He had no idea then, he had no idea how it got to the computer. He had already gotten a step ahead, his thought process at the time was that of a petty child. He had no need to do it, but he still did it. He thought he would destroy Ayanokouji mentally, invoking a plan that made him stand out.

His charms, his facade, his smile and demeanour all put to the test. A gruelling two weeks at the island exam, a week in the cruise ship and another week.

Until she caved, she couldn't handle such chivalry. In her mind, Yagami Takuya was basically a better, younger version of Ayanokouji Kiyotaka.

One night, was all it took. One video to be recorded of a night that never should have happened.

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