Adapting (Part 2)

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3rd Person POV

The words of the blonde haired girl contained various emotions, emotions that reached everyone.

Although the students of class D didn't understand why she was acting like this. Her words, the words directed at Ayanokouji Kiyotaka. Those words breathed new life into what was going through her head.

The silence was immense as the two students, Ayanokouji Kiyotaka and Suzuki Shizuku were engaged in a staring contest.

After her initial question, no response came from the boy, only silence.

Along with a look alike a predator.

Shizuku was his prey.

But he didn't want to devour her, he only had one thought and that was the deciding point of knowing whether the girl present in the class was the same girl he knew years ago.

To rekindle a flame burnt out long ago.

The students stared in awe and confusion at the two students.

Their eyes locked with eachother, their silence emanating around the room and the various emotions in their eyes.

Ayanokoujis eyes transitioned from his usual bored expression of lacklustre to a broadening horizon containing nothingness.

Eyes so dark and a face so embellished contrasting eachother. This wasn't the Ayanokouji they knew.

In fact they didn't know him at all.

If they knew what he was thinking at this moment in time, they would feel pity for the boy.

The girl who was lost in the darkness of his eyes, the same eyes she had seen beforehand on the cruise ship. The girlfriend of the boy unlike the rest of her peers noticed something lurking underneath that ocean of blackness, it was something that shook her beyond belief.

It was the look of unconditional longing, something which she hasn't gotten from the boy. Even though she loved him and he reciprocated, well to her knowledge, she still had no idea about how Ayanokouji thought of her.

"A textbook for love. "

"A replacement."


Those I love you comments, that mindset of his which was constantly being attacked and worn down by the people around him.

Karuizawa Kei took notice of two things when the girl known as Suzuki Shizuku first walked into the room and that was their similarities, in both image and personality.

Then the words that she spoke to her boyfriend that snapped her out of her thoughts concerning the girl, only to reel her back into those thoughts.

She knew who her boyfriend was...

"She called him by her first name..."

At a loss of words when that voice spoke up, various emotions being presented to the class.

The change in body language was immense.

The class knew that, not only Karuizawa.

When she spoke that was when the silence increased until it was broken by the boy in question.

No one spoke, no one dared to look away, their attention had peaked.

Koenji, Horikita, Karuizawa, Hirata.

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