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3rd person POV

Horikita: "What are you doing?"

The two boys looked at each other and then back to the girl.

Ike unintentionally gulped. It seems he is afraid.

Ayanokoujj: "'Sigh' we aren't doing anything Horikita."

Ike nodded up and down repeatedly.

He didn't want her to find out about what they were doing, right now the date was going well and if Horikita finds out about it she will most definitely interfere with it.

Horikita looked at the both of them.

Ayanokouji wore his usual expression, one that Horikita has become accustomed to.

Ike was panicking on the inside and that feeling was showing up on his face and in his body language.

His hands were shaking and his palms were sweaty. Seeing him like that Horikita decided to hound him.

Horikita: "Ike tell me the truth I know you are hiding something, I can see all the equipment and microphones on the ground, what would you need this for?"

Ayanokiuji was surprised by the stubborn attitude she was showing right now.

Usually she would have backed off by now but she was showing the opposite.

Then the worst thing that could have happened, happened albeit accidentally.

Ike who was trying to get up from his crouching position, stumbled backwards and fell on the receiver increasing the volume where, the voices of Ibuki and Sudo could be heard.

[Hahaha, so Komiya tried to mark you but instead he tripped and you fell on top of him and made him look like a fool. What happened after?] Ibuki

[Yeah, after that he ran after me with the basketball trying to throw it at my legs, everybody was laughing at us, it was really funny haha.] Sudo

Ayanokouji quickly grabbed the receiver and turned down the volume.

But it was too late, the ice queen already heard everything.

Horikita: "What is Sudo kun doing with Ibuki Ayanokouji?!"

She was angry, right now Sudo is doing something with Ibuki. Someone who is labelled an enemy of the class and her own personal rival.

She had every right to be angry.

Ike seeing her like that couldn't take it anymore and cut off Ayanokouji who was going to respond.

Ike: "He's on a date with Ibuki, Horikita san."

Horikita was surprised.

Ike was fed up with Horikita, her question was the final straw, to him Horikita who didn't give a crap about his friend suddenly getting angry because Sudo was seeing another person. He found it stupid, she failed to notice sudos affection toward her, he was in the mindset of protecting his friend.

Ayanokouji was surprised at Ikes statement, he expected him to stay silent the whole time whilst he would do all the talking.

Horikita who was still in a daze decided to ask the both of them to confirm it.

Horikita: "Are you serious?"

Her tone was inquisitive.

Ayanokouji decided to speak up.

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