The girl from random chat!

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3rd Person POV

In the school of ANHS, a secluded power in the Japanese consulate as they seek to educated the brightest and most elite in the Japanese's demographic, the young strive and the old are replaced by the multitude of students residing in the walls of that massive campus.

Well, that's only to those inside the school, this story takes place outside it...

The reason why that place is mentioned?

It's because it will be very important for everyone, not just the young. But also the old, luck can be surprising, but misfortune is much more loose than fortune could ever be.

Nothing is understood when people don't take the time to understand.

Ayanokouji POV

I've been outside for a bit over six weeks, yet I found my stay in the outside quite mundane. Perhaps a change could occur and maybe I can learn the thrill of life.

But I know that thinking of that would be delusional, my barrier for comfort has been shattered long ago. I have no idea what to do for fun, all the light novels and manga I read were not up to par with what I expected. Thus I got bored quickly, reused cliches were not for me when I already had enough knowledge of fiction...


I breathed a sigh as my eyes darted around my room, the assortment of board games and books, the weights and the miscellaneous items that I boarded when I explored every room inside this mansion. All piled up and causing my room to look more cramped than it should...

My eyes eventually landed on my phone, it was mere courtesy by Matsuo, even 'That man' didn't know I had it. But I merely looked at it with disinterested eyes, I had become accustomed to using the phone, using YouTube and streaming anime. All the games, but I hadn't really talked to other people, I told myself not to do that. I don't know why, but I at times felt more inclined to ignore those words.

I sat up from my resting position and got up, walking towards my phone, picking it up and fidgeting with it a bit as I glanced around the room. Haphazardly paying attention to what I was doing.

Eventually I landed on something that I never knew existed, perhaps it's because my knowledge of the outside world was quite stagnant but I frankly didn't think this was... in my books safe.

The logo and the description, I was on the App Store and I stumbled upon something that came up on my recommended.

"Random chat"

An app that lets you chat to random strangers with full anonymity online...

"This is weird..."

I muttered as I stared at the download button, battling an inner strife as I pondered whether to download it or not. Frankly this could help me socialise better with people, or it will lead to me meeting completely different personalities that will push me away.

Perhaps I shouldn't think too much about it, after all it is an app that offers full anonymity. I have nothing wrong to think about, well I still have to weigh the risks. I am a teenage boy who is going through a growth in hormones and if I can infer like what the novels have implied... I may become too attached.

Of course I won't, it's just an app. What more could I get than that...

I pressed on the download button and waited, turning my head towards the window as I saw the clear blue sky and the spring aura emanating. The sun shining through as its warmth brushed my cheek.

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