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3rd Person POV

Ayanokoiji Kiyotaka...

His abilities are unparalleled, his strength is unmatched and his knowledge is unfathomable.

He is the perfect human...

But that is false, in his own world of white is where he is know as the perfect human.

In the world of green and blue he is instead known as a monster.

16 years old, power that is unrivalled which has been installed in him can make him be viewed as a creature of nightmares.

A poker face, hands drenched in blood and a demon bodyguard laying dormant inside his mind.

A face that won't move in the face of anything, he isn't afraid of death.

In fact he loves it, he keenly awaits for it.

However, living a life waiting for death undermines his mission to live a life of freedom.

Death takes away life but gives one freedom

But living a life without being afraid of death is liberating in its own way.

One could say that conquering death is by accepting it.

Something which he has, but is he free?

No he is not, he is trapped, lost without guidance he will lose his life and in exchange will get his freedom.

But what happens if one gets rid of death?

What happens if one escapes it?

Will they achieve freedom?

No they won't, death is inevitable and freedom is never won without death.

If one attempts to take another life that gives the other freedom, it gives a feeling of liberation, however it gives them regrets.

Ayanokouji doesn't have regrets, instead he has nothing.

What happens if someone tries to take away his life of limited freedom?

Ayanokouji POV

Sitting in the bedroom of my new home, I was reading a book (Insert title) a rather interesting book.

'Sigh' I lay my back down on the bed.

Although I am free for a little time, many may suggest it is freedom.

Rather a time constraint, I'll go back to the white room.

My home and my sanctuary, I have to accept fate.

Fate put me in this position, fate cursed me, fate let me live.

But fate put them against me.

3rd person POV

Four men were watching the mansion of the Ayanokouji family.

This was their chance, a chance at revenge and retribution.

Four men, strong enough to fight, four that were deemed enough to stop the masterpiece.

Each had their own reasons for their mission.

Those who were wronged, those who lost and wanted guidance and those who were ignorant.

Each of them had discord with Professor Ayanokouji.

Hatred grew until they formed their team.

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