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3rd Person POV

Ike: "So this is an alternate reality?"

Ike spoke up towards the figure who had been forcing them to watch the videos that recounted the various events behind the scenes.

With Ike's inquiry came many more, the deity had told them that they were going to see something special. A switch up to change the atmosphere of the place.

Deity: "Yes, the video that you are going to be watching is about an alternate reality. Between Kiyotaka Ayanokouji and Naanse Tsubasa."

Hearing that the people referenced looked at each other, Ayanokouji merely shrugged his shoulder as Nanases face contorted into one of confusion.

Many people started to form hypothesis about what they were going to watch, Karuizawa Kei was directing her gaze between the two people who the video was made about.

Horikita spoke up towards the deity.

Horikita: "Why exactly are we going to watch this?"

In her mind the videos that were being showcased gave her a great insight into Ayanokoujis mindset.

Not only her but Ryuenn, Ichinose, Matsushita. Essentially the more prominent figures of their year took the videos information to heart.

The deity responded to the girl with a tone of voice that contained only exasperation.

Deity: "Just watch the video."

With that response he shut his mouth and returned to his catatonic state.

All the students turned their heads to watch the screen, with no teachers there apart from the deity, the students essentially had free reign to do anything they want.

With that the screen lit up to show a groggy Ayanokouji who had just woken up from his slumber. The noticeable thing being that he looked older.

"Hmm ..."

Rubbing my closed eye, I began to awake my consciousness while struggling with my drowsiness.

Even if you try to turn over, the bed is narrow and it is difficult to turn over.

"... where am I?"

The students found themselves asking the same question in their mind.

That did not look like the dormitories that they had become accustomed to, some people wanted to question the deity as to why Ayanokouji looked older, however with the figure being in a comatose state they knew they wouldn't receive an answer.

The first thing I saw with my eyes open was a ceiling I didn't know.

Obviously, it wasn't in one of the dormitories where I live.

The students already figured as such and were now thinking that this place was outside the school.

Ryuenn looked at the screen and formed two theories as to why this was the case.

One of which matched the description of the video. Despite how unlikely it was.

Horikita who had visited the room multiple times adorned a thinking expression along with two of the members of the idiot trio.

My room should be nothing from usual, but the curtains of the room were decorated a little cute, and houseplants were installed in the corner of the room.

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