(3) A bleeding heart that will never heal (3)

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"What did you want to talk about Kiyotaka?" I asked as I smiled.

"It's about us, as best friends we can't be seen with each other anymore." He replied and my expression morphed into one of confusion.

"What do you mean?" I inquired. "Is it because it might be too dangerous for me?" I inquired before I reached out and held his hand. "You know you can tell me, we're best friends right?" I smiled and he nodded.

"Yes, I know..." He began before he looked at our hands. "It is too dangerous, you have no ability to defend yourself and I can't spare my time to help in trying. So I have to do this." He answered before he looked up. "I'm sorry Kei, we can still talk, but the danger is too much for you." He let go off my hand and stood up.

"I understand... also, what's up with you and Himeno san? Don't tell me that the reason why I am in this position is because of her..." I smirked before I pointed a finger at him. "Don't tell me you like the girl? My best buddy likes someone!" I jumped up and smiled before I headed to him and looked him in the eye. "She's cute, she has my approval I guess if you need her more than me." I turned around and eyed the door.

"Sheesh... it's not like that Kei, she's just a good helper I guess. Kinda like you back then." He replied.

"Yeah yeah.... Don't break her heart you idiot baka!" I began walking away and exited the dorm. "Bye bye!" I bid him farewell before I shut the door behind

"Seriously... Hahh..." I sighed, putting my hands in my pocket and pulled out my phone.

"Another target tonight, he must've caught on by now..." I thought as I dialled her number.

"Hmm?" I heard her mutter as the call connected. "Ayanokouji kun? Hello, are you ready?" She greeted me with a serious tone.

"As ready as I can be, same routine as last time, however, we have someone else coming to help." I replied.

"Is he really going to be able to help?" She asked.

"Yes, he is quite experienced in the world of electronics and I know that he would gladly keep this a secret to fulfil his..." My words trailed of as I went to the table and pulled out the piece of paper. "Chunibyo? Chuni- something fantasies." I put the paper down and rubbed my forehead.

"Seriously... a guy like that? You really are desperate for help huh Ayanokouji kun." She remarked with a condescending tone.

"That tone isn't very nice, but yes, I am desperate and that's why I need you." I responded and I could feel her grin through the phone.

"Haha, nice to know I'm needed." She giggled before she adopted a serious tone. "Tonight, we'll meet at my place and then we'll head over." She said.

"Okay, see you then Himeno." I disconnected the call and laid down on my bed.

"Soo many of these... it won't end any time soon..." I looked up at the ceiling.

As the night fell, the darkness looming as the tense atmosphere built up. The eerie blankness of the night expanse and the sinister stare of the moon dancing upon the world.

It's iridescent light shining on to him as he met his newest opponent. Someone he hadn't expected to show up himself. A man that was surrounding by his entourage of security guards who held gazes which could kill. Each man witnessing the boy stand nonchalantly, unafraid as he simply stared at them.

Seconds went by without a word being said, each party merely eyeing eachother down. Their gazes fixed.

"Are you sure that the camera and microphone are all set? What about the EMP?" Himeno who was hiding beside Sotomura asked.

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