Drugs on DRUGS on DRuGs

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Starts in no volume whatsoever
No part 2 unless I can think of good continuation.

3rd person POV


A wonderful thing for humanity, it can heal and it can also kill.

Naturally drugs that kill can be considered bad right?

But what happens if you use drugs to kill evil people, would it still be a bad thing?

Well, let's move on from such morbid thoughts and focus on a boy who is immune to most drugs.

That immunity isn't only limited to drugs, he is also immune to most poisons.

As a result, he can be seen as being too powerful.

Naturally he will beat your ass in martial arts and who's to say he hasn't had any practice with guns.

Just imagine a poker faced man beating you up, terrifying right?

Now imagine him killing you with that same look. Knowing that to him you were nothing less than a nuisance and that you were unable to fight back.

An average man may need drugs to improve themselves or to improve their mind.

But Ayanokouji doesn't need that, he isn't normal.

Although humans are meant to be imperfect, he has been said to be the perfect human.

Of course there are many reasons for that.

Discounting his immunity, his fighting skills and his strength.

He has knowledge that surpasses what most people have in one lifetime. An extremely intelligent killing machine.

It seems his training in the white room was the reason for such ability.

Even when he left the white room, he kept most of his abilities.

Well that's until he tasted something he shouldn't have.

Like Eve in the garden of Eden, that taste of the forbidden fruit may have led to his downfall.

However unlike Eves fall, his fall was the most hilarious thing, there was no drama but rather amusement.

Ayanokouji POV

I was resting in my bed, the previous day Ike, sudo and Yamauchi had invited me to hang out for today.

Apparently there was a new movie coming out and Sudo wanted to see it, so he invited Ike and Yamauchi who the invited me.

But I didn't want to go.

I lied to them by saying that I was too busy when in reality I was just going to lie in for the whole day.


I was tired and I breathed out a sigh.

It was currently 1.09 pm.

I also need to get up and eat, but my bed is so comfortable.

But I really do need to eat.

Well there's nothing else to be done so I'll go eat.

I decided to make (insert food) to eat.

This shall fill me up...

Then I'll go back to bed!

When I finished making my food, I served it onto my plate.

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