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This is for all my fanfics.

If u guys find my stories hard to understand then understand that it is because I chose to do that, I started off the writing in a way that throughout the story one could link back most if not every single detail in the story (similar to AOT) but since I am not a genius I have achieved minimal results, that's why I want people to reread and understand every point. Minimal but still very important to the story. If u want an example of understanding a point. Look at my different heroine v2 book.

Hint: A lot can happen in a week.

That will remain prevalent.

Also in adapting, it's very easy to see many things. If u understand canon Kiyo (To an extent) then u would see what I am going with in the story with all the characters, do u really think I would make all of class D defective?

Like just look at Matsushita, if u understand the phrase "curiosity killed the cat" then u would know that it's because she wants to find out more about Kiyo.

Is it because she is a bitch? No, she is just curious, but didn't she back off in my akihime chapter?

She has a line, Shinohara is protective, Kushida has a new target, Horikita has a better chance to get Kiyo under control through Shizuku, akihime has knowledge of Kiyo and Shizuku and she can exploit it. Togi had 0 idea of any other transfers, why? Because he is in class A and also if u noticed the hint then I am proud of u.

Btw, have I ever mentioned Tsukishiro or chairman Sakayanagi?

That in itself is another hint, remember everything I say in the story is meant to be hard to understand.

Different heroine v1 is pure fucked, I already have the ending planned out but I don't know how to steer the story direction towards that ending.

All different heroine universes have different approaches, like it says in their descriptions.

Adapting... I have tried not to be ooc, but the characters may seem like it. But has anyone really seen anybody act ooc?

Like seriously, in the first few chapters it was easy to see the fuck fest that the class would become, also Shizuku... like seriously ever since the start I have been hinting at a scheme of entrapment! Like she is literally second to Kiyo in their generation!

That there is another hint: "ijuinn"

Like I leave hints in my writings, it's sometimes really obvious, or not but that's why I want u guys to reread the books.

Hope you understand

Thanks for all the support

You guys are the best!

Have a blessed day :)

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