(1) A bleeding heart that will never heal (1)

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It all started this summer and the day we first met,.

I heard his footsteps approach from behind me and I tensed up a bit, looking into the vast expanse of the sea. I was awestruck at the tranquility, the night and stars gleaming. The moon dancing in my view as I took in the beauty of the scenery.

"If you don't mind, may I join you?" I turned to my side and eyed the boy who asked me that.

His brown hair fluttering in the wind and his golden brown orbs that reflected my own eyes. That monotone voice and his language. I let my guard down a bit and nodded at him, before I turned my gaze back to the sea.

"You left rather early." He commented as he leaned on the rail.

"Well, I just needed some fresh air." I replied as I glanced at him.

"From the head aches?" He replied, asking me with a low tone.

"Yes." I answered. "They told you that huh?" I asked with a bored expression.

"Indeed." He affirmed. "Is there a reason why you have these head aches?" He inquired as he looked at me directly.

I turned to him and gave him a smile that didn't reach my eyes.

"You're too nosy idiot, why would I tell you." I responded. "It's not as if anyone would listen to my ramblings anyways." I added as I turned my gaze away from him.

"Want to listen to my story?" I heard him say, I turned back to him and saw his expression morph into that of seriousness. "It's not pretty, but I doubt yours could compare to mine." He continued as he breathed a sigh. "Hahh... would you spare your time for me?" He asked, looking into my eyes.

"No, I won't, it's not as if I'm interested in it in the first place. I doubt, we are cloth cut form the same sheet." I replied to him with a voice of utter ignorance.

I didn't know back then, I didn't understand Ayanokouji kun. I'm sorry I didn't let you tell me your story.

Now I'm in this position where I see those beautiful gold orbs of yours change.

Narrowed at an opponent of yours, your eyes drawn to his neck as you grasped at it with your hands.

Holding up and pushing him against the wall, your strength shown to me as I stayed on the ground watching.

"Fuck you..." He said in a low raspy voice as his neck was being squeezed.

"You taught me that mercy was a stupid thing. Your words, not mine." He replied as he asphyxiated him.

"Stop it! That's my father goddammit!" I screamed as I stood up and tried to free him. "Stop it you bastard!" I exclaimed as I hit his back and shoulders.

But he pushed me back down and glared at me, his hands still on my father as he choked him. His arms at his side were going limp and the way his legs slowly stopped shaking.

"He's going to die!" I shouted.

He dropped him to the ground, my father gasping for air as I rushed over and held him for support.

"You're lucky you have a daughter." Ayanokouji commented with no shred of emotion.

I looked up at him with the most malignant glare I could muster.

"You changed, you weren't like this when we first met." I remarked, laying my father against the wall as I stood up and faced him. "Why do you know my father?" I questioned him as I eyed the two of them.

"He was my teacher. Nothing more, nothing less." He replied flatly.

I looked over at my father and he meekly nodded as he held his throat.

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