I hate you 3

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It was quite... something. A new special exam right after Ayanokouji dropped out, one that left many of the students inside class D reeling. They were now at a disadvantage due to having two of their classmates out of the picture.

Horikita was stressed out, the pressure of not having Ayanokouji there to help her was melting her brain. Thinking illogically meant that the class had to suffer much more, but she needed Ayanokouji to provide that extra bit. Help was what she needed and nobody in the class could offer her as much as Ayanokouji once did.

It's not to say that everyone was gloomy or disheartened.

The day after the announcement, Ichinose came into the class with a smile. In her heart she hoped for the best for Ayanokouji in the outside world. She sat and talked, she went about her everyday shenanigans with an amicable attitude; which remained for the whole of the two months. However, she did have  moments where she would be in her dorm crying. It was hard to move on; but she thought more positively in the manner that she should be happy with Ayanokoujis decision. Even if it meant for the unhappiness of others.

"All I have to do is move forward..." She thought as she smiled sadly. "Thanks for the advice... Kiyotaka." Ichinose pulled her legs up to her chest and just smiled.

It was similar for Ryuenn, who had a similar thought process. He instead of moping however, decided on doing something evil. For the whole of the two months, it was him who organised the bullying of Karuizawa Kei. Constant harassment and berating. It was nothing that Kaeuizawa hadn't experienced before. However, knowing that she actually deserved it caused her to be empty.

"You slut..." One whispered as they walked past her.

"Whore..." Another brushed past her ear and uttered silently.

"Cheater." One deliberately bumped into her and mouthed that word with venom as the other students in hallway leered at her figure.

Every single day, her mind was slowly decaying. She was reaching her breaking point. With Ryuenns constant harassment and the other students not relenting. She shut herself in her dorm, a week right before Ayanokouji would come back.

The special exam was ongoing, a class poll exam to be exact. A cruel exam that caused many people to flinch and dread it. Including the teachers, points and class points weee on the line and each student was on edge. Why Karuizawa had been in her dorm was to prolong the vote, the vote for her expulsion. She stayed in her dorm when students from the class stormed to her door, banging at it. Shouting her name to come out as she laid in her blankets with a crazed look.

"Get out!" Okitani shouted as he kicked the door.

"Accept that you will be expelled, you have no place here anymore you slut!" This was Sonoda, a former friend of Karuizawa who exclaimed as she leaned on the wall.

More and more shouts, one hour remaining until the vote would end. Horikita had remained inside classroom with a majority of the students. On the phone with Sotomura who had gone with the few, was Ike; who had his phone on loudspeaker as the rest of the class heard the shouting.

"I don't agree with this Horikita san..." Hirata said as he looked at all his classmates. "It won't work, all you are doing is pushing her into more reclusion. You should've reassured until she came here, so we can vote." He finished as he crossed his arms.

"I know what you are saying, but she hasn't left the dorm in the past 4 days, what do you want me to do?" Horikita retorted as she scanned every students expression.

The students were divided in what to do, but they were unified in who would be expelled.

"Okay, I get your point." Hirata conceded and then turned his line of sight to the clock. "We have less than an hour, this is our last chance to expel her." He said.

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