I want to learn 1 (🍋)

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It was a normal day. Similarly, it was also a mundane day, quite boring to some but to others it led to something else. Maybe something exciting or liberating?

Each person is different, so when they want to take the next step; they don't know whether they should or if they are ready.

Since people are unique, it is hard to tell whether they themselves know if they are. Some people find themselves similar to others. As such, they try and learn how similar they can be; how close they can get.

How different or how alike they are. They want to know, it's easier said than done; but each can take time to learn.

"I want to know who you are... Ayanokouji kun..." The whisper of a girl, reaching his ears as she looked at the ground downtrodden.

The boy merely faced away from her, his hands in his pockets as he looked at the horizon.

"Please talk to me Ayanokouji kun..." She continued, her hands gripping onto her skirt.

The boy still offered no response, his hair fluttering in the wind as he just continued looking ahead.

"I've loved you... for, I've loved you for a while now..." She uttered, looking up to see his back. "I love you, I want to know you because I love you." She repeated her words with a wry smile.

She was afraid, for her to see him so unresponsive she deemed this action; an action unneeded but this was the first time she could feel the air around them change.

"Turn around..." She said in her mind as she let go of her skirt and stood upright.

"Is that all?" His monotone voice spoke up, he gave her a side glance as he continued. "We don't know each other enough." He turned his face forward again.

"Turn around Ayanokouji kun..." She growled as she clenched her fists. "Look at me." She continued with a hint of desperation.

"I don't want to, you are nothing to me..." He replied flatly.

"I am enough for you." She responded with a look of conviction. "Do you want to know how?" She continued as she crossed her arms.

"Then tell me." He turned around for the first time. "Tell me how you can be enough." He eyed her figure with an empty gaze.

"You're an idiot." She answered and she stepped forward until she was mere inches away from his face. "When a man and a woman want to prove something. In my case, I know what I have to do." She reached her hand up and held his wrist.

"My room or your room?" He questioned with a low tone.

"My room." She answered as she began walking with her hand on his.

She led me to her room, filled with a lot furniture and other things. I didn't touch anything but I stayed alert. She just dragged me into what I assumed was her bedroom.

"Sit down Ayanokouji kun. On the bed." She said in a cheery tone as she let go of me.

We didn't linger for long, rather she and I just knew where to go and she was my guide.

I looked at her face, from her eyes to her cheeks to her lips. I was gradually drawn in, I didn't listen to her and just stood there gawking at her.

"Say..." She mumbled as she looked up at me. "What is enough for you?" She asked and we stayed there in this position as I contemplated my answer.

"I don't know." I replied flatly, confused as to what I could offer. "I don't know what is enough for me, I'm not like most people who can say that this is good enough for me or this is too much. Too little or too much, I don't know what is enough." I averted my gaze as I elaborated even further on my answer.

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