Different heroine (V3) PART 2

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This is now its own fanfic!

Ayanokouji POV

Matsushita: "Pervert..."


"What do you mean Matsushita?"

I was confused.

I did nothing to earn such a label.

Matsushita: "You were staring at me without saying anything pervert, what do you want?"

She eyed me with a question mark on her head, I guess she must mean when I got lost in thought. Did I really stare at her that long?

Well I guess I have to clear up the misunderstanding... also what's with the pervert?

"Sorry Matsushita, it's just I got lost in the blue of your eyes, they remind me of something peaceful, So mature in complexion that honestly suits you quite well, to be honest I was lost in your beauty."

That should clear up the misunderstanding...

Wait... why is her face red? Is she sick?

No she looked perfectly fine a moment ago... is this the phenomenon known as blushing? But I didn't say anything that could have warranted such a reaction from her.

Just to be sure I put my hand on her forehead and I can conclude that she doesn't have a fever.

She is blushing, but why?

Wait she grew even redder, I think my actions need to be restricted...

"You alright Matsushita? You look a bit red..."

A bit of an understatement but one that shouldn't cause her to panic. I mean why would she panic, she is a mature woman that shouldn't be scared by her face going a bit red...


Matsushita: "Baka...


Ayanokouji kun you Baka!!! That was so... that was so unfair! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?!"

Hearing her scream at me, my peers in the class turned to look at us.

I took my hand off her forehead, Matsushita then proceeded to calm down and tell the class that what happened meant nothing.

With a still red face, however it wasn't as dark a shade as before.

Not helping Matsushita...

Compose yourself woman...

Why is she screaming at me anyways? Did I do something wrong? I mean I checked for her well being, shouldn't I get a thank you?

Listening to Matsushita, our classmates turned back to their conversations.

Then Matsushita sat down and breathed a sigh of relief.

I decided to speak up, I wanted to address my lack of gratitude.

"I believe the correct response is 'thank you' once again I am going to ask you. Are you alright?"

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