Adapting (Part 1)

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3rd person POV

The students of the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High school.

A collective bunch of students who had many different skills and qualities.

In this school one isn't the best for having the most intellect nor one isn't the best for being the best athlete. One has to be versatile and to adapt.

Those who can become the best and those who became the worst are separated by a fine line between humanity and selfishness.

Those who can adapt will survive.

In this school survival is key and therefore if you can't adapt you will fall. If you aren't selfish you will lose.

Ayanokouji POV

I woke up, the suns rays of light were shining through the slither of the curtain. I sat up, I still felt drowsy but I needed to get up.

It was currently the 5th of May, a Monday.

The start of the week and a day most people dislike as it meant the end of the weekend, but for me it was a new day. A day out of 'that place' and it provided me with a sense of peace.

It was currently 6.00 am, only two hours until I had to make my way until school.

Well then, guess I have to get up and get ready.


It was now 8.19 am, only 11 minutes until class starts.

I quickly grabbed my bag and my shoes, putting them on I opened the door and left for school.

I checked the time on my phone 8.23 am.

I still have time, I'll be able to get there just before the bell rings.

I was now inside the corridor leading to my class, seeing Chabashira Sensei nearing the door I hastened my walk.

I opened the door and walked to my seat seconds later sensei walked in after me.

That was close...

My neighbour took a glance at me, I looked back at her making eye contact with the girl known as Matsushita Chiaki.

Matsushita: "You're quite lucky Ayanokouji kun, just a few more seconds and you would have been late. Any reason for such an occurrence?"

She said that with an inquisitive eye and a smirk.

Can't she let go of the questioning for one day? It's been like this ever since she started sitting beside me and I have done the same thing since then.

I ignored her.

Seeing my silence, she looked back at the front to sensei who was taking the roll.

When she finished, she didn't announce the end of homeroom.

Ike asked the obvious question.

Ike: "Chabashira Sensei, isn't homeroom over?"

The other students looked at each other, the pressure emanating from chabashira sensei was noticeable.

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