Winter feelimgs.

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3rd Person POV

Hard to believe that such a relationship between the two would form...

But it did.

What started out as a master-servant type of agreement transitioned into something more.

To the girls eyes he saved her from making the greatest mistake in her life, saving her not once but twice from expulsion. Although ungrateful for his assistance in the first place, she gradually grew to accept that what he did held the best intentions for her.

Well that was what was in her mind, she thought about such a conclusion in her mind.

His methods may have been harsh and unorthodox, but he helped her.

That was what mattered to her afterwards.

"I love you."

Ayanokouji: "That was sudden."

Right now the couple was walking through the snow, it was wintertime.

Ayanokouji had just rejected his classmate Satou Maya, his reasoning was simple but he didn't tell her.

On this day Ayanokouji agreed to hangout with Satou Maya.

It was a date, the two went around the mall, ate at a fancy restaurant, watched a movie and when all that ended she led him to the confession spot under a tree.

On that day the first girl in Ayanokoujis life had confessed to him.

But he rejected her, he couldn't be with her.

A sad reality but reality nonetheless.

He also didn't discount the hidden presence in the bushes, her eyes like a predator, listening to every word in that conversation.

She witnessed the date and followed the two around, at every turn her jealousy grew.

The boy she had recently become infatuated with was on a date with another girl.

She had no idea about the extent of their relationship, but she knew something was there. Especially if Ayanokouji had denied her request to hang out on that day to be with Satou Maya.

She watched the date unfold, she watched the girl laugh, the girl having fun. How she wished that was her, standing by Ayanokoujis side.

She hated the sight of them together.

But that hatred peaked when she saw where they were going to at the end of the date, the confession tree that she knew all too well.

The place that gave birth to many couples, past, present and in the future.

The place that she herself would confess to the boy, in an atmosphere like this, a calm atmosphere akin to the winter beauty encircling the area.

No one to interrupt, no one to see them, no one to hear them.

That was her plan, the same plan that Satou Maya had in mind.

The problem was that someone was listening to them.

A hyper jealous girl that was gritting her teeth seeing her crush with another girl.

Then she heard it.

The confession, so quick and simple.

Now both girls awaited his response, right now there would be one winner and one loser.

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