Different heroine (V2) PART 2

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This is now its own fanfic!

3rd Person POV

The whole class was stunned by what just occurred.

Kushida Kikyo, the idol of class D just slapped her classmate across the face. She let her emotions seep out, she shouted at him and cried. It didn't take a genius to notice that it was Ayanokouji who caused her to act in such a way.

Prior to what happened he whispered into her ear, many people saw it.

They didn't know what he said, but they could imply that it must have been hurtful to cause such a reaction.

Right now most of students along with the supervisor looked at the boy.

Horikita Suzune decided to speak up.

As a person who was helped by Ayanokouji to reconcile with her brother, she viewed him favourably amongst her peers.

Horikita: "Ayanokouji kun, are you alright? What happened?"

That question eased the students glares.

Hearing the calm words of their leader they composed themselves and tried to look at the situation from a different point of view.

Ayanokoujis point of view...

Ayanokouji: "I may have said something hurtful, but it wasn't without reason. This... matter is between me and Kushida, please refrain from asking about it. I admit that I'm at fault for her actions towards me."

Such words came from his mouth, taking responsibility for what he did ended up easing the students hatred of him even more.

But one boy decided to speak up.

Ike: "Honestly, What a bastard..."

He spoke in a low but audible tone.

Shinohara who was beside him spoke up along with Satou and Karuizawa.

Shinohara: "I agree with you Ike kun, Ayanokouji kun you hurt our friend! You better hope that she forgives you because we won't."

She looked over at the two girls beside her.

Awaiting for their approval.

Satou: "I am sorry Satsuki chan but Ayanokouji kun hurting Kushida chan shouldn't have anything to do with us. I am neutral to be honest, how about you Karuizawa san?"

She beckoned her friend to answer.

Kei: "I agree with Satou san, Shinohara san this is between them two. We shouldn't interfere, Ayanokouji kun go after her."

It seems like she got over her heartbreak already...

Ayanokouji looked around the class, many students had different reactions to what the three girls said.

An unexpected person suddenly spoke up.

Sudo: "I agree with Karuizawa, go after her! She doesn't look alright."

Ayanokouji was surprised by his words, but then he noticed why he said it.

He was glancing between Horikita and Ayanokouji.


With a sigh leaking from his mouth he looked at Horikita.

With the red mark still on his face he then looked at the instructor.

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