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Standing Out by kiyorex
Standing Outby kiyorex
A simple story where Kiyotaka is trying and he is also confident I mean very confident Kiryuuin best girl here ( 1st fanfic dont expect too mich and sorry for my grammar...
COTE: One-shots(author's degeneracy) by Gentlemist1
COTE: One-shots(author's degenerac...by Gentlemist1
These are basically going to be one shots with the cote girls. I'll most likely be more about the not so popular girls in COTE. I'll probably put some lemons in their ca...
Integrating Into Adventurer Society: COTE X DanMachi by 02Ragner
Integrating Into Adventurer Societ...by lajz
Ayanokōji Kiyotaka, a student attending the Koudo Ikusei Senior High School finds himself in a world of monsters, gods, and adventures. How will he attempt to live his p...
Ayano the OVERLORD by AnimatedAxioms
Ayano the OVERLORDby Trez Blazer
Ayanokoji Kiyotaka dominates the school from day one. He can socialize well too. Plus he does not get pushed around and doesn't care if people knows he's overpowered. H...
Arisu Sakayanagi x Ayanokouji Kiyotaka [Classroom Of The Elite] by AnanoDeprituse
Arisu Sakayanagi x Ayanokouji Kiyo...by Edgy.org
The words 'I love you' can be freaky sometimes. Isn't that right, Arisu? (Spoilers)
KiyoxKei (School Reunion!) by FictionalAuthor14
KiyoxKei (School Reunion!)by FictionalAuthor14
It's been 3 years since they graduated from class A.After overcoming different obstacles,they married in secret and now the time has come for a School Reunion. What are...
COTE: Versus Ayanokouji by EdgyKouhai
COTE: Versus Ayanokoujiby EdgeLord
Ayanokouji must finds the WR Enforcer before the end of the school year. Ayanokouji decided to cause a uproar in the Student Concil. It's Ayanokouji vs Third Years. The...
Professor Ayanokouji by SlimynotWonton
Professor Ayanokoujiby Slime of Legend
"Are they going to call me 'Professor Ayanokouji' now?" After a series of events, Ayanokouji becomes a teacher instead of a student.
Kiyotaka in Class B by _ktaka_
Kiyotaka in Class Bby _ktaka_
I'm not good at story descriptions so let's make it quick! Basically it's classroom of the elite but kiyotaka is in class B, same characters different plot and story, an...
Classroom Of The Elite - Short Stories by ichinoseayano
Classroom Of The Elite - Short Sto...by ichinoseayano
Random One Shots And Short Stories of Kiyo with Classroom Of The Elite Waifus.
Ayanokouji as a female? - ONE SHOTS by FanficMasterPROs
Ayanokouji as a female? - ONE SHOTSby FanFic-sama
What if instead of Ayanokouji Kiyotaka there was Ayanokouji Kiyone? ONE SHOTS or Short Stories. :> What would some situations look like and what relations would the m...
To Unfold A Mystery (Hiyori x Kiyotaka Fanfic) by bronoob8998
To Unfold A Mystery (Hiyori x Kiyo...by wong ernest
(This story is set after the events in Volume 9) Hiyori encountered a peculiar book named 'The Classroom of The Elite'. From there, she discovered the story behind her...
COTE: Don't Leave Me Please (Yandere Kei) by EdgyKouhai
COTE: Don't Leave Me Please (Yande...by EdgeLord
Just like the title implies, a yandere Kei. Kei an emotionally unstable woman couldn't handle her knight being around other women.
Who Said It? - COTE by Nonamejustchilling
Who Said It? - COTEby SJF
Classroom of the Elite characters got teletransported to a place where a superior being wants them to participate in a game where some God put them in uncomfortable and...
Cote reacts on almost everything by kiyoayanon
Cote reacts on almost everythingby kiyoayanon
This is my first time writing a fanfiction hope you all like it.I also know that there are many reaction fanfics but still.And yeah I will write my own stories that the...
Ayanokoji's Daughter. by Drditch
Ayanokoji's Daughter.by Knifu
Just casually giving Ayanokoji a Daughter, nothing surprising.
COTE: To Stand at The Pinnacle by MrSupaDupa
COTE: To Stand at The Pinnacleby SupaDupa
What if Ayanokoji decided to heed the words of his father and didn't refrain from using his abilities? Well welcome to COTE: To Stand at The Pinnacle. In this fanfiction...