Random short.

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3rd Person POV

Two people were walking hand in hand, a boy and a girl.

The girl was content at the development, she had just been on a date with the boy and right now they were walking back to his dorm.

The boy in question had brown hair, hair split into curtain and a face that donned an unbreakable poker face.

The boy in question was called Ayanokouji Kiyotaka.

He had invited the girl out on a date after rejecting her proposals to hangout for two weeks.

Usually they would hang out together all the time, however that was when they were with the Ayanokouji group.

She was a beautiful girl.

To many people she was considered a beauty of another level.

It seemed like Ayanokouji had caught the girls interest.

Her proposals to hangout alone was used as a means to let her feelings out.

Feelings she had suppressed, mostly because she saw herself as a burden to the brown haired boy.

Whilst they were walking no words were spoken, but it wasn't a bad thing. In fact it gave way to a peaceful atmosphere that made her feel comfortable.

But the red tint on her face was still very present.

She was very happy, the date was a success and she had confessed her feelings.

Words of struggle to her because of how much she had suppressed her inner emotions, but when she let it all out it was as if a huge weight had been lifted off her back.

The boy had accepted her, tears of joy trickled down the girls cheek.

Tears that were wiped away by the boy, in front of her the eyes of the boy were unlike anything she had seen.

She could finally see what the boys eyes lacked, eyes that she could tell had an emotion that she couldn't distinguish.

That emotion: longing.

Seeing that in his eyes, she went for a hug.

However, that wasn't the only thing present in the boys eyes.

The other thing she noticed was a certain pang of the feeling know as pain.

That was the final straw, her emotions got the better of her and that resulted in the hug.

The silence that resulted afterwards was beautiful, the only that could be heard were the hearts of both the boy and the girl.

Beating in sync, a harmony for the mind.

A song for love.

The girl loved the boy, it was obvious that her love was stronger, her feelings were laid bare and she hoped those feelings would reach the boy.

Hand in hand, walking to the direction of the boys dorm, many thoughts were occurring inside their mind.

The boys was warm.

A sensation that made the girl feel safe.

Then as time passed and with their steady walking pace, they arrived at the door of his dorm.

The boy opened the door and took off his shoes, the girl following suit.

Ayanokouji: "You can take a seat, I'll prepare the tea. Your favourite is green tea right?"

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